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yes…i should have done this ages ago…

My current blog is

bye wordpress. Thanks for keeping my bits of memories over the years. 🙂

maybe…who knows, someday, i might just post a few random posts here…

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March Wrap-Up…

of a few firsts…

First time meeting my little cute niece, Bel…meaning now i’ve become an auntie!!

Exactly 3 weeks old today! Pic taken by her proud mommy.


play time!

love her thick-with-natural-highlights-hair. i think Bel has a cooler hairstyle than me!

First time to Moonlight Cinema. Watched ‘Hereafter’ under the starry nightsky. Feat. Matt Damon who played a psychic role. I love the soundtracks of the movie. A moving story talking about the fragility of life in other words, death & lost of loved ones.

MoonLight Cinema, Kings Park


First time learning how to crochet.

crocheting a circle


Today was the last class and i managed to complete A hand warmer. not quite a pair yet! Hopefully this will lead to many more crochet projects! Like a little beanie for Bel during winter etc.

a hot pink hand warmer


First attempt on making macarons!

first attempt

followed by a few other attempts…

coffee & pink with chocolate ganache

macarons for breakfast!?

Along the way..i’ve made a few mistakes here and there…and slowly getting the ‘feel’ from the start of reading/researching macaron recipes to separating the eggwhites and ageing them for a few days in the fridge to whisking to sieving almond meal (which was really time consuming…maybe i shouldn’t be bothered to sift it) to folding in the dry ingredient to piping (which was a technique to master! i didn’t get it right and made huge mess) and watching those gorgeous macaron feet developing in the oven!

gosh i have become so domesticated with all these baking, cooking dinner, crocheting…what’s next!?


A brewing mind

Friday evening I made my first attempt on making macarons.
For some reason, i have become obsessed with macarons lately. I think it was partly because i bought Poh’s cookbook from Borders (with discount! yay!) There’s a recipe on macarons inside!

image from ABC website

and partly also because recently i found a patisserie making delicious macarons in my neighbourhood! Like just 10min walk (5min drive) away! I was smitten by the deliciously sweet macarons!

a post i posted in tumblr after first attempt on macaron-making…

trial 1

these were my first attempt on making macarons.

they were in odd shapes…taste more like meringue without the chewiness in the center…

but i was glad that they have feet! haha!

the first time experience was…

macaron-making take #2 tonight supposedly to be better since i realised some mistakes i’ve made in the first round…

but failed even worst than first time…coz my macarons have no feet…

i actually tried to trouble-shoot to save the batch…so i added more icing sugar, more almond meal…more egg whites…LOL…they turned out to be COOKIES!! lol!!!

still tast quite good for cookies. 😛

i didnt beat my egg whites stiff enough…i think..that was the error i’ve made for tonight’s attempt.

oh well…i’ll keep trying until perfection!

Adieu March…

Thanking God for His faithfulness and blessings! x

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Hello my lil niece!

Today God brought a very special person into our life — our new family member, baby niece!

Praise & thank God for his protection over both mom & baby. Both of them are doing well.

‘Describe your feeling when you first saw your baby girl.’

‘Relieved & happy!’, said overjoyed dad. (Proud dad has been taking lots of photos & video for his little girl)

‘Breastfeeding isn’t as simple as it look like the one shown in dvd…’ New Mommy said. (Gambate, Sis!)

She is fair, cute as a button & has a head full of hair! too cute! >.<

you are a bundle of joy!

on behalf of the new mom & dad, A Big Thank You to those who have remembered them in thoughts & prayers; those who sent their love & wishes via sms & phone calls.

Please continue to keep them in your prayers; pray for their health, pray that mom will recover to full strength & baby adjusting to a new environment outside mom’s womb. 🙂

‘Looking forward to many days of playing with you & teaching you art & craft, baby niece!’  🙂


aunty lillian aka ah yee


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Then he said to them all: “Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross daily and follow me.” -Luke 9:23
耶 稣 又 对 众 人 说 , 若 有 人 要 跟 从 我 , 就 当 舍 己 , 天 天 背 起 他 的 十 字 架 来 , 跟 从 我 。路 加 福 音 9:23
我正开始一个发掘圣经宝藏的迷人旅程 – 《门徒》 – 研读圣经,作主门徒。请为我代祷- 要计划有系统的,忠心与认真地研读圣经, 并将接下来的34周完全交托给主, 遵从主的带领。
1. 每当我们读经时, 上帝向我们说话, 我们听到的是上帝的话语。
3.圣经会带给你什么? 上帝权能的引导与安慰。
“ 求 你 照 你 的 慈 爱 待 仆 人 , 将 你 的 律 例 教 训 我 。
我 是 你 的 仆 人 。 求 你 赐 我 悟 性 , 使 我 得 知 你 的 法 度 。”诗篇119:124-125     
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Blessed Rabbit Year 2011

gong xi gong xi

was flipping through the photo albums reminiscing the younger days and i found this photo of me during Chinese New Year. 😛

Wishing everyone, young & old, near & far, celebrating or not, a Blessed Rabbit Year filled with God’s grace & guidance. May your body, mind & soul be refreshed and strengthen to face the challenges ahead in this new year, may you keep drawing closer to God & deepen in His word & may you shine as His bright light to the people around you. 🙂

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There she goes

Time to get on board again. Home, here I come!
Here’s wishing my family & friends a blessed & safe Chinese New Year! 🙂

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Blessed Christmas!

Something i learned today at church… 🙂

Christmas Alphabets…

C for Christ – Jesus Christ, The Reason for Christmas.

H for Hope – Jesus is our Hope.

R for Rejoice – May our hears be full of joy!

I for Incarnation – The Word became flesh, Jesus came to this world.

S for Salvation – Jesus came to save you and me.

T for Thanksgiving -Give thanks to God and count your blessings.

M for Meditation -Spend time alone and reflect on His love and goodness.

A for Adoration -Let us adore Jesus, let us exalt his glorious name on high!

S for Sharing -Let us share this Gift to the people around us. Let us share Jesus with others!

x Lillian

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To the east

flying again. 🙂

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november comes and november goes

my my, i hardly post anything here for the whole November! i am such a slacker. sigh.

so much has happened and much needed reflections which i have been accumulating but somehow lost in between…with life not stopping; the clock ticking on. Sometimes i like to imagine a remote control which i could press <pause> button…but i know the reality.

so i lay on my bed with my eyes shut, trying to get at least another 2 hours of sleep before work tonight. but looks like i have failed.

my mind is in conflict with my exhausted body. The mind decided not to rest, stuck in the endless cycle of scattered thoughts. Could it be the 2 cups of earl grey overnight that might still have their caffeine effect on me. palpitations and the weary thought of i might crash at work if i dont get my ideal hours of sleep.

sadly, the plan of sound sleep of 6-7hours did not work out. not today. not in the hot sauna-like weather like today. sigh.

and here i am babbling away…with a confused mind. (am i tired? yep. then why i couldnt sleep like a baby?)

maybe i should not type on such mental state. But the train of thoughts wouldnt slow down. going round and round in my head. stubborn.

but why should i dwell on negative thoughts..for a second life can seem so overwhelming, well, only if you let yourself to believe that…but at that very second you could switch off those negative thoughts and tune into positive thoughts.

then i thought, gee, it’s 30th November 2010 today. time for some reflections! before life rushes into the last month of the year.

there are so many things i am thankful for. Big chunk of good things to chew on. 🙂

unfortunately they are all scattered around in my head right now. swimming round and round inside my head. And i find myself fishing different bits of thoughts to ponder upon and be glad about…all the times, everywhere. especially during night shifts. Perfect time to think about the noble thoughts, the lovely thoughts and my heart just cries for joy thinking about the new happy couple, the smile on my patient’s face, happy music, and the list goes on.

oopsy, time to get going again.

back to work in a tick. with a lighter spirit now. despite the lack of sleep and the moody weather.

i can choose to smile.

to make life easier for all.


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The Daily Goodness

Daily Goodness starts at Breakfast!

With Sam visiting, it was a good treat to have breakfast outside each day at various breakfast places I’ve read about on Urbanspoon. Also, it’s always fun to share a meal and check out new places with a company. hehe.

Here’s sharing the brekkie adventure we had…

Mon-Fri Breakfast Menus

Monday: Brekkie at the Greenhouse. $$$

Sweet & Savoury: Crepe with blood orange & scrambled eggs with wild mushrooms & sausages.

Tuesday: Picnic brunch at Kings Park. $

macaroons bought from La Galette de France & custard buns homemade by Michelle! & tuna sandwiches & fresh mango, banana, orange & strawberries, crackers, corn chips and dips. (healthy ho!)

Wednesday: Brekkie at Milkd. $$

Sweet & Savoury: Macaroons and Milkd plate: scrambled egg & crispy italian sausage.

Thursday: Brekkie at Choux Café. $$$

cappuccino & mocha, macaroons (crispy on the outside chewy inside, the best!) & pistachio gateau.

Friday: Brekkie at 33 Degree South. $$

the hearty ‘Big One’ sharing for two & organic juices. It was a superhot day. thought we would give coffee a miss.

Start each day with a Good Breakfast puts a smile on the face! 😀

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it’s been 2 years since i started this little blog.

God has indeed been so lovingly gracious and faithful in my life.

It’s a beautiful 27 degree Sunday today. Thanking God for the warmth, the sunshine, the breeze, the fellowship with each other at church.

It was good to be in God’s house with his children. Today is Sunday School Sunday at my church. The presence of the kids made it filled with giggles and laughters especially when the kids presented a dance. I was encouraged to see the little kids leading us during the worship session. The little ones also performed a dance on this lovely meaningful mandarin worship song below.

It talks about no matter how inferior we may feel about ourselves; despite the good, bad and ugly circumstances we’re in, God is faithful and love us still.

So, just want to share this lovely song with you to remind you that God loves you always. Always forever.

parts of the lyrics:






獨自難過時你愛我,Never let go,



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Joie de vivre: Frankie issue 38

So I walked approx. 2km return to get a copy of Frankie new issue from my local newsagency. I was smiling all the way because i was carrying a handmade totebag from Janice which just arrived yesterday in the mail. I knew the moment i pulled the totebag out of the parcel, it would be perfectly fitting for Frankie zine! Like it were meant for Frankie. I was listening to the mixed cd she compiled for me on my ipod as i walked.

the lovely Joie de Vivre translated as 'Joy of Life'

It was slightly cloudy and blowy but sunny on my way to the newsagency. Seconds after i stepped outside, dark clouds were looming in and sure enough, they started spitting drops of rain.

so i started to speed up my pace, eventually running when the rain got heavier!

‘ahhhh…i must protect the cute totebag and frankie from the rain!!’ i thought to myself. haha.

ok, so

it’s 4:15pm now. soon i’ll be at work. sigh.

but Frankie will accompany me for the night. lol.

more photos of Inside Frankie zine at my artblog. check them out! i’m drooling over them already. kekeke.

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Mixed tape

I got home and there’s a parcel waiting for me at the doorstep!! 😀

A surprise from Janice!!

One of the goodies is a CD titled ‘Happy Songs for Lil’. I quickly put it on and have it stuck on replay now!! It contains all the lovely songs that i like!! Heaps Good!

i started tapping foot, moving my shoulders, doing little dance moves in my room. haha!

If we were in the 90s now, I could have just received a super awesome mixed tape from dear Janice!

HAPPY Songs for LIL 😀

Song List:

Comme des enfants – coeur de pirate (so french chic – pretending i’m in Paris)

Accidentally in love – counting crows (OMgosh…my summer fav)

Girls just wanna have fun –  cyndi lauper (lol, true true!)

Stay – etrella (stuck on replay)

Forevermore – katie herzig (climb up my apple tree – my favourite part of the song)

Walking on sunshine – katrina and the waves

Havent met you yet – michael buble (my hp ringtone! lol)

Rhythm of love – plain white T’s (smitten. another bubbly spring/summer song)

Just you and me – zee avi (awww…love zee avi’s!)

Absolutely adore each one of them. Made and compiled with love from Janice. Much Appreciated! I’m one happy girl today! xxx

sweet nurse illustrated by Claire Richards

p/s: it suddenly felt like it’s my birthday again just because i am wearing the exact same outfit as on my birthday! Something good was intended!

Lastly…i used my webcam on the laptop to capture some silly poses of me overjoyed.

a little quick montage saying Thank You, Janice!

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The boy turned 21

photo courtesy of Janice (edited by me. haha)

Dearest bro, now that you are a young man, may the Lord continues to lead and shape you in all that you do. May your mind and body be refreshed and filled with His abounding love and everlasting peace and overflowing joy.
Know that we love you and always thinking about you. 🙂
er jie
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Movie: I love you too

cheap movie rental on tuesdays so i got this funny aussie love comedy. It’s even funnier when i watched the whole movie in Visual Impairment narrator-speaking mode!! I must have accidentally clicked on the ‘ON’ when i intended to get the subtitles on. I only realised the whole silly-me right at the end of the movie!

I was thinking to myself, ‘gee…this movie is quite interesting with a narrator speaking ALL the time including explaining the apperances and actions of the characters.’ I thought it was something like ‘500 days of summer’. But it got a little annoying half way through the movie. LOL.

so i replayed abit of the movie without the narrator speaking just to make sure. lol!


Jim (Brendan Cowell) and Blake (Peter Helliar) are thirtysomethings who have been entertaining one another since childhood. One-night stands take care of their sex lives – or they would if Blake could ever master the art of the chat-up. Essentially, however, they’re going steady with one another.

Then the unthinkable happens. By some mysterious means, Jim has learnt how to talk to women and one night he actually falls for one. Her name is Alice and she postpones her return home to England because of him. More than three years later, they’re still together but things are far from ideal. Jim is yet to move out of his family’s house and he can’t bring himself to tell Alice (Yvonne Strahovski) that he loves her.

So the sweetness he displays here is something of a revelation. It almost has you understanding how he managed to win Alice, who is beautiful as well as being a genuine grown-up.

Now, however, she has had enough. Unless he can find a way of letting her know that he cares for her, she is going back to England…. –review

Overall, it’s quite an entertaining and appealing movie to watch. and i like the appearance of ‘Charlie’ by played by Peter Dinklage in the movie. (reminded me of his role in ‘Death at a funeral’.)  3.5 out of 5 rating from me.

Peter Dinklage
And because it’s an Aussie movie, there’re a few familiar faces in it such as Brendan Cowell, Megan Gale, Peter Helliar (from Rove) & Hamish (radio guy) too.

All that is standing between them is four little words.

A bro-mance about the meaning of relationships, the importance of friendship, and having the courage to pursue the one you love. [before it’s too late.]


read review here  and there.


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