Posted by: iamlillian | October 30, 2008

Paperific Oct 2008

I had a wonderful time in Melb (18-20 Oct). Managed to visit the craft expo ‘Paperific’ with my best friend at Melbourne Showground on Saturday morning straight after arriving in airport.

Despite the temperature was 29-30 degree celsius!! and me dragging my luggage all the way to the expo…I was too enthusiastic about it!

I was contented. I was in paradise. It was a superb experience. There were as many as 40 booths crowded with artlovers. Scrapbooking, art stamps, papercrafts, you name it!

Found something that was so appealing and too attractive that i could not resist! My eyes were glued to the masterpieces displayed immediately. I was drawn to the vintage themed items.  Captivated by the vintage feeling & colour combination.

Honoured to meet the demonstrator/owner of ‘Collections’, Julie from WA who kindly showed us the step-by-step methods and techniques of using the cardboard cut-outs. She was also generous enough to give us freebies.

 I ended up buying lots from her booth & inspired with a perfect gift idea for the up-coming OCF convention committees.

Going to make something similar to this name tag. Isnt it Super cool?

Visit the website:

Paperific will be back in 2009~ woo-hoo!


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