Posted by: iamlillian | November 8, 2008

The Marvellous Ms Doody’s Art Sale

Ms Doody

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Indeed it’s been a marvellous day!
Thou the weather was a bit crazy, thank God for the sunshine after rain! =)

heard about this event on  this morning on the way driving home after rocking up at work to find that i wasn’t rostered on duty~ silly me~ =P

so, went home and searched online and found some information about the event and location.

In the end, Vivianne and i found our way there by bus.
The place is called ‘Carclew Youth Arts’…and we followed the arrow signs to a ‘ballroom’ where we found the art displays. Paintings, prints, cards, softies, etc…all the cute and cuddly  …lol

Most of the items were for sale. Prices ranging from $4 (for greeting cards) to $450 for big paintings etc.

i  to attend these sort of events…to get inspirations and ideas. =P

here are some of the pictures  i’ve taken:

 more @ my

check out their website @



    WHy never ask me to go!! I also want to go! You know, I like Claire Richards’ paintings, she always displays them on Hutt street in the shop window displays. VERY cute….AHHHHHHHH

    when u go to unley, call me la, i also wanna go!

  2. Sorry Janice…! :$
    okok…next time i’ll call u! we go together~ yea

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