Posted by: iamlillian | November 11, 2008

Inspiration from the illustrations of Children Books

It all started last Thursday when i visited the Salvation Army few meters away from the car dealer & services company.

I was browsing at the book shelves and came across children books from decades ago. The illustration was soft pastel colour…vintage-style. I was attracted by its beauty instantly. Even better, i could get the ones i like for just dollars! So…in the end got myself 3 books. One of them is so torn…and falling apart.

On my way home Sunday afternoon, i drove past a small bookseller shop along Magill Rd. I thought i might be able to find some good books there..and i was right! No regret of making a U-turn back to the shop.

It’s one of those cozy old shop when you walk in, your footsteps on the wooden floor are making cracking noises. And there, a head popping out from a room back there, greeting u with a smile 🙂 The thing i love most about the shop is the gentle background music playing as you browse at the shelves of old worn books.

I was asking the owner if he sells any foreign language books e.g russian, german, french, polish…etc. Didnt know why i asked that…perhaps that instant, i remembered an elderly polish lady reading her polish books in a nursing home and it intrigued me. I mean…wow…foreign language, writings…are so unique!

Unfortunately, he does not have them.

Anyway, i managed to find 3 books that i find interesting and potential as craft material. =P

‘The Symphony’, ‘The house at Pooh’s corner’ & ‘My read & play Book’ for just $4. I was content.

And that’s how i got the images for the badges. =P

Next time shall go hunting for cheap old vintage books again! >w<

here are some photos of the children books illustration~




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