Posted by: iamlillian | November 13, 2008

Pursuit of Holiness

This morning, i knew i will be allocated to look after 2 VRE patients after checking the allocation book last evening shift. Knowing that it will be quite boring sitting there most of the time ( this applied as both the patients are independent and required minimal assistance. So, i picked a book that I haven’t read from the bookshelves just before i left my room this morning.

It was a good opportunity for me to read a book by Jerry Bridges – ‘The Pursuit of Holiness’ in between nursing interventions. I felt God’s presence and the working of Holy Spirit in convicting me of my sins and shames as i read through the pages. I found that i will need more time and thoughts to it…

I just thank God for giving me the time that i really wish for to really enjoy reading again after months of not having proper reading time. I thank God for His servant, Jerry the author who encourages and motivates the readers through his own encounters and learning from His Word.

The chapters include the holiness of God, the holiness of Christ, the battle for holiness, help in daily battle, obedience – not victory…etc. Each chapter is based on a scripture passage in the New Testament.

Meanwhile, i’m slowly digesting the content of the book and meditating upon the points…shall return with some quotes from the book.

‘Lay it down’ by Matt Maher playing on…and on

add-on: i’ve made some bookmarks for a ‘Where are you from?’ bookmark swap few days ago…


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