Posted by: iamlillian | November 15, 2008

Art Exhibition & Sale

Today i went to an art exhibition & sale held at Marymount College. It is an all girls college. You can tell from the name. :p

Reminded me of my school days as i walked past a few basketball courts and rows of wooden benches in the school compound

The event was held in the school hall. It was divided into 2 areas. One side was exhibiting the students’ paintings on canvases. The other side was selling artists’ paintings, including some art teachers’ artwork. Some paintings were big, some were small. Some were framed, some not. The prices ranging from AUD$10 to AUD$1,950.

I forgot to bring my camera! 😦 So, i just took some pictures using my handphone. The pictures turned out quite alright thou 🙂

Below are the students’ artwork. They mostly used bright paint colour ♥ Each painting is one of a kind. It reflects the feelings and thoughts of the students. I really enjoyed looking and admiring the wonderful artworks.




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