Posted by: iamlillian | November 19, 2008

Back from Sydney – loaded

Waaaaa….it’s been amazing! Overwhelming~

Just got back from Sydney this evening…inspired~

Really Thank God for the opportunity to visit my friend, Ivy in Sydney. Thank you God for the safe flights; Thank you God for the rain and cloudy days; Thank you God for Ivy; Thank God we had good laughters; Thank you God for we were able to find our ways around in a big city; Thank you God for the friendly Sydneysiders 🙂 Thank you God for your wonderful creations! For you made all things beautiful! Thank you God for the good food we had; Thank you God for the beautiful art gallery; Thank you God for the art & crafts + handmade goodies shops that we visited; Thank you God for the bus drivers! who were very helpful. Thank God for ‘Bronte’ ( a dog we found following us on our way to Bronte beach, that’s why we named him ‘Bronte’) Thank you God for good cameras!! Yea! We were able to take lots of photos…thank God for digital cameras!



I’ve been jotting down things that we’ve done, places we’ve been, food that we’ve tried, etc in a little notebook ♥ i carried around. It’s very handy to have a notebook to jot ideas ♥ and inspirations 🙂

I’m glad we managed to visit some of the recommended shops selling handmade crafts, indie & vintage style home-deco, etc. Thanks to Carolyn of indie art & design

Lucy who writes The Design Files blog recently put together a Surry Hills shopping guide which is here: – excerpt from email
we were able to explore some of the beautiful one-of-a-kind shops in Surry Hills using this very user-friendly map. Thanks to Ivy for printing the map! 🙂
Surry Hills Map

Surry Hills Map

to be continued…
Good Night~

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