Posted by: iamlillian | November 21, 2008

Sydney Day-1 (part I)

Arrived 08:35am Sunday morning at Sydney domestic airport. Thank God for a comfortable safe flight 🙂 From far i could spotted Ivy sitting there with the bus tickets all ready! 🙂 So happy to see her again! 🙂

Thank God for the weather was just nice and breezy. Mr. Sun was playing hide & seek with the cloud sisters. It was a beautiful day to walk about in Sydney.

Then, we took a bus back to Ivy’s place in Kingsford. Dropped luggage, had Ivy’s homecooked banana cake for breakfast. It was really yummilicious~

After the good healthy breakfast, we were all ready for an adventurous day in Sydney~

Took a bus to city. Sydney’s frequent bus services saved us from waiting long. The bus comes every 3-5 minutes, very convenient.

Stopped at Town Hall Station. The historical building is just beautiful~

Town Hall Station, Sydney

Town Hall Station, Sydney

Then, we walked to Paddy’s Market, passing by Chinatown.

Paddy's Market, Sydney

Paddy's Market, Sydney

To me, it’s like ‘pasar malam’ in Malaysia…hehe 😀
So, we didn’t stay there long…moving on to Queen Victoria’s Building (QVB)
QVB, Sydney

QVB, Sydney

Again…the historical QVB is also a beautiful piece of architecture.
Below are some of the photos showing the insides of QVB: (for more Sydney Trip photos, visit
inside QVB

inside QVB

Most of the shops are selling branded fashion designers clothing etc. The atmosphere was nice with the lightings and vintage-style architecture designs.
beautiful stained glass window

beautiful stained glass windowGiant Christmas Tree in QVB

Swarovski crystals

Swarovski crystals

The entire tree was decorated with Swarovski Crystals…that explained why the tall glass fencing around the tree.
Next, we headed off to Art Gallery of NSW…weee~
-Part I-

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