Posted by: iamlillian | November 22, 2008

Antiques Afternoon

Janice, Jac & i spent our afternoon today (Friday) exploring Magill Road, the perfect place for antiques & collectibles lovers.

 We also visited an art gallery ‘Gallery 139’ currently exhibiting 2 artists’ artwork.  Visit Shane Devries’ website to view his extraordinary oil paintings @ Another creative artist in progress, Evan Bailey, who due to complete his Bachelor of Visual Arts (Honours) at South Australian School of Art is also exhibiting his photographic work in Gallery 139. *I will upload some of the photos soon~

It really amazed me to see the huge amount of antiques including small items like pins, badges, coins, jewellery, books, magazines, old postcards, etc..not forgetting the wooden furniture, porcelains, etc being stored in shops that appeared small from the outside…but they are actually quite capable to put lots of antiques. It’s also intriguing to know some used/broken/worn items could still be valuable and price-tagged. 




antiques shop hallway
antiques shop hallway

shelves full of old comics, magazines..and a guitar with missing strings
shelves full of old comics, magazines..and a guitar with missing strings
Women's Weekly in 1970's

Women's Weekly in 1970's

Janice & I got ourselves some old vintage music sheets…i’m seeing them as potential art material while Janice got the talent in music to create beautiful melodies. Jac got a gift for her mum at another shop selling mostly quilt/fabric stuff + collectibles, jewellery & porcelains.

We also came across an interesting shop owned by Ropar couple called ‘Holy Bazaar’. The husband, Dennis Ropar, a contemporary artist produced many creative artwork…some are displayed at their shop on Magill Road. The friendly wife proudly told us about her husband’s inspirational masterpieces. Visit for more info…the website is pretty high-tech…got videos demonstrating the techniques of creating art. Go check it out~

inside 'Holy Bazaar'

inside 'Holy Bazaar'Ropar's artwork

The funniest part was…we actually walked past Khai Liew’s furniture shop…and saw him in there, but we were so ‘pai seh’ (shy) to go in…lolz…well, you can find out more about his designs of furniture @

here are some random photos in other antiques shop~

this is antique!

this is classic!


vintage furniture

vintage furniture


beautiful vintage chairs~ perfect for afternoon tea

beautiful vintage chairs~ perfect for afternoon tea

———————————–antiques afternoon—————————-

oops, just realised it has passed 12am…Thank you God for another new day!

btw…my previous blog layout settings encountered some changes…and i wasn’t quite impressed by it…so, i decided to choose a new template…but still not as desirable. I want the widgets to be on the right side…but they all appearing at the end of the page 😦



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