Posted by: iamlillian | November 27, 2008

Sydney Day-1 (part IV)


Sydney Botanic Garden was just beautiful and full of God’s amazing creations! The surrounding was so relaxing & peaceful. The perfect place for a little stroll or for ideas & inspirations. It may even bring you closer to God through His creations…as your mind is far away from the worldly distractions.

We stopped in the garden and snapped lots of photos before moving on to the Circular Quay.

Sydney Opera House

Sydney Opera House

Harbour Bridge

Harbour Bridge

Sydney Skyscrapers

Sydney Skyscrapers

The sky was cloudy and grey as you could see in the photos. It was extremely windy as well. But still, it was a beautiful experience 🙂

The next agenda on our day-1 was attending church that evening. So, we took a bus back to Kingsford. The church service started 4:30pm at UNSW campus. Find out more about FOCUS

It began 25 years ago when a small group of overseas and Australian university students gathered together to study the Bible on the campus of UNSW. Today there are FOCUS groups across many Australian campuses, and at UNSW (under God’s kindness) we now have Bible fellowships and Church meetings for every major language group in our midst: Indonesian, Mandarin, Cantonese and English.

After church, we both agreed that Indian food would be the best choice for dinner. So, we went to a highly recommended Indian restaurant at Surry Hills. The best thing about it was the comfortable atmosphere.

dinner @ Maya Da Dhaba

dinner @ Maya Da Dhaba

Kaju Kebab

Kaju Kebab

Let's dig in~

Let's dig in`

It was a satisfying meal! We ordered an entrée – Kaju Kebab (mashed potato + herbs + chopped nuts) & a main – Chicken Vindaloo. The special for that evening was when you ordered an entrée & a main, you get a free main. So, we got ourselves a dish of Fish Tikka Masala for free 🙂 The best part was the hot & real spicy vindaloo! Our cheeks were as if on fire! Thou it was really spicy…we enjoyed it very much with the basmati rice 😛 They also served us with a basket of conplimentry papadum (Indian crackers) with mint sauce. It was really crispy and tasty with the sauce.

papadum & mint sauce

papadum & mint sauce

 Uploading these photos reminded me of my missing black cardigan 😦 lost it recently on the way to airport. sigh…keep losing things~

Anyway…that’s was our adventurous day in Sydney 🙂

————————————-the end————————————–


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