Posted by: iamlillian | November 28, 2008


for saving me
for loving me
for choosing me
for shaping & moulding me
for using me
for humbling me
for keeping me
for sustaining me
for comforting me
for dwelling in me
for working through me

All Glory And Honour Be Unto Your Name forever & Ever~

Thank You God for Your Living Word

Thank You God for seeing me through the seasons

Thank You God for Your witnesses who testified Your amazing Love

Thank You God for filling my cup when i am dry

Thank You God for this wonderful priviledge to be part of Your Church

Thank You God for mum who continued to take us to church

Thank You God for TMC Church, Sunday Schools, Girls’ Bridage, ISCF & MYF

Thank You God for OCF!

Thank God for good faithful trusting friends

Thank You God for a peaceful & safe place like Adelaide

Thank You God for good night sleeps on my comfy bed with my good old quilt

Thank You God for the camera is found..yea!

Thank You God for the 1.5 year of work experience in R6, RAH

Thank You God for all the little little things in life

Thank You God for You are the Same Yesterday, Today & Forever!

1 Chronicles 16:8

“Give thanks to the LORD, call on his name; make known among the nations what he has done.”


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