Posted by: iamlillian | December 7, 2008

OCF 49th Convention 2008

1-5 (Convention) -7 (AGM) December 2008 @ Woodhouse

Just got home this afternoon after 7 days of life-transforming experience in Overseas Christian Fellowship (OCF) Convention & AGM.

More than 200 OCF members, including those from interstates came together to worship God, to learn from His Word through speaker talks, Bible studies and workshops.

It was also a great opportunity to encourage fellow ocfers from other states, to learn and share with one another, to listen and pray for each centers.

By God’s grace, the entire convention and AGM went smoothly.

There’re just so much things and thoughts to reflect upon….

here’s 10 things i’ve experienced, learned and cherished:

1. Experienced God’s Name being lifted high. His Glory felt.

2. Re-examined my thoughts, expectations, and heart desires. Reflecting on the word preached.

3. Capturing the Vision God has for us. And to cast the Vision on.

4. Realised the importance of prayers. Praying…and keep praying for one another.

5. Take time to get to know fellow ocfers from other centers/states.

6. Learned to listen and intercede for each other. Listening to each others’ sharing and experiences in center sharing sessions.

7. Learned to serve others in love, to say words of encouragement, to act in kindness and express genuine gratitude.

 8. Gearing towards the path of leadership. Learning the Word of God is able to transform life, change heart and thinking.

9. Identifying my strength, my weaknesses. Asking God to change my heart.

10. Willing to give my all, to lay it all down before God, to be humble and surrender. To acknowledge His holiness and power. To be God-fearing.

This has been truly an eye-opening experience to know that God is so real, to know that God’s presence with us through the convention and AGM, allowing everything to fall into place at the right timing…This God that we worship is the Most Worthy of all. The King of Kings, the Lord of Lords.

I pray that God, let this not just be temporary…but teach us to reflect and to act upon what we’ve learned. I pray that your Holy Spirit would convict us and sanctify guide and shape us in your righteousness.

Right now, though my flesh is weak…lack of sleep…exhausted…but You have strengthen our faith, our love for you renewed, our hope revived.

We praise you Lord, for You along deserve our praise. We enthrone you.

Less of me…More of You. O Spirit come make me humble…


Praise God for i’ve met many new friends/ fellow ocfers from other states and indeed, it’s so encouraging to listen to their testimonies of how God blessed them, trained them through trials etc sharings…

Praise God for your love sustains us even though some of us, especially those serving in the convy committees and kitchen, wewere very exhausted…we push on, because we’re doing it all out of love. Thank you for the unity you’ve blessed SA with.

Thank you, Lord God, also for our beloved Board of Advisors who have dedicated their precious time and energy for us, international students. Thank You God for they are after You own heart. May you, Lord, continue to be merciful to them, and walk with them daily.

Lord God…i know i can go on and on…it’s just overflowing…because You are worth it all, Lord. Amen.

Praise God that my 3 guppies are still alive! after 7 days 6 nights of starvation…gulp*


green tea? O_o

green tea? O_o

 After cleaning…

i can see you 3 now!

i can see you 3 now!



  1. Great reflections! As you draw near, He will draw ever closer.
    Thank you once again for your cards and words of encouragement. Was really really touched.

    Keep up your good work with your arts and craft!
    He’s blessed you with so much, and know that you’ve been such a blessing to those around you!
    Thanks for sharing His love.

    You might think it’s little sometimes, but a little bit goes a long way.

  2. Thank you as well for the encouragement, Ben!

    May God continue to use you to bless others, esp the new students on campus.

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