Posted by: iamlillian | December 11, 2008

Prayers Answered!

GOD is Truly AweSome!!!

He works in ways we lest expected. He works in His perfect timing. He knows what’s best!

Yesterday i was a bit weary sending my cover letter & CV online to a nursing agency. Actually i was worrying about not able to find a job asap.

Since 3rd November, after receiving a letter from Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) saying that i was put on reserved list, i was a bit discouraged and slowly became more anxious about finding another job, sorting visa…etc.

Somehow, i managed to put that thought aside til after OCF convention on Sunday. Been telling myself that i will need to find a new job after convention ended. I’ve been considering recruiting into a nursing agency for the time being. And in the end, i rang the agency yesterday and submitted an online version of job application, included my cover letter and CV.

I thank God for he reminded me of turning to him in prayers in this critical moment. To depend on him. I thank him for i was able to share with my family and friends so that they can pray for me. It’s been comforting and encouraging to receive the support in prayers.

What happened was, i received a phone call from RAH this morning while driving. I put the call on loudspeaker. The caller introduced herself as someone from RAH Graduate Nurse Program (GNP). She asked me if i would still like to receive the GNP offer for March 2009. Honestly i was surprised. I didnt expect that phone call at all! I sort of given up the thoughts of getting a second chance from RAH.

So, i was mentally blanked for a while…was even more difficult to think and talk properly while driving. (Oops*) My mind was racing. And i just blurbed out “YES!” “YES, I would love to accept it.” “I’m more than Happy to!” That very instant, tears of joy just welled up in my eyes. Overjoyed.

Both my friends who were in the car with me bursted out with joy as well! and the caller chuckled as she can hear them.

She ended the call by saying “So, i’m taking that answer as verbal agreement and i will send out the paperwork soon.”

I am so happy and grateful to God. Just bursting with joy!

Now, i have to email the agency to cancel my application.

Agenda for the day:

We had a wonderful Vietnamese food for lunch today and went to Port Adelaide and Harbour Town Shopping Center. We visited the Maritime Museum at Port Adelaide.


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