Posted by: iamlillian | December 14, 2008

Discipleship=Investing time into someone’s life

I thank God for the opportunity and priviledge to disciple a dear friend of mine, Wendy who is a new believer of Christ. It’s been encouraging and rewarding discipling as we pray and study the Word of God together.

We met together on Saturday morning to read and discuss the Bible. We also studied chapter 6 of ‘back to basics’ – the Prayer spoke of the wheel of obedient Christians.



We are using ‘Back to Basics’  a discipleship training guide by Allen Webb. The contents are easy to understand and applicable. It’s a source of encouragement with many references of Bible verses. It’s also my joy to see the enthusiasm of Wendy in learning more of God’s word. 🙂

(Thinking back) at first, i was reluctant to say yes to discipleship when Joanne approached me. At that time, i really doubted my commitment and ability as i was facing my lowest point in my spiritual life. My personal relationship with God suffered greatly when the backsliding process started creeping into my life. Even though i was still serving in church and ocf at that time, i was feeling drained and spiritually dry most of the time. I was leading my own life. God was slowly replaced by earthly things…i was neglecting the emptiness within. i did nothing about it. Until i hit rock bottom as every other aspects of my life suffered along. Quietly i grieved inside.

To be quite honest, it was scary…living a life without God. Without His presence. Without His love. Without His joy. Life in darkness…

Then, i came to realise that sins have been hindering me from drawing close to God.

‘For i know my transgressions, and my sin is always before me. Against you, you only, have i sinned and done what is evil in your sight.’

 -Psalm 51:3

Somehow God has his own ways of bringing me back on track again. The Holy Spirit started working in me. Slowly, little by little, i start to pray more deeply. I started to take time to reflect and read the Bible, allowing my mind to absorb the word.

“All Scripture is God=breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.”

– 2 Timothy 3:16-17

Indeed God’s Word is alive, His word penetrates deeply into my heart…the change began to take place…bit by bit…i became more aware of His presence…once again….reminded me of my first love to Christ. To be so engrossed in His Word.

and i really thank God for bringing people into my life during my neediest time. All the encouragement, notes and prayers are much appreciated and cherished. 

Above all, i thank God for calling me back to walk with Him and enjoy Him and His love once again. i’ve wandered so far…it’s time to come home. i feel like the prodigal son…returning to his father’s side once again. Returning into His warm embrace that is much missed.

i am also deeply grateful to fellow ocfers who have been an encouragement to me. i thank God for the gift of friendships and  His faitfulness to me.

Moreover, i am grateful to God for the opportunity and priviledge to serve in EXCO 09. Through recent OCF AGM, i realised that God has His special plan for OCF Australia and i believe God is reviving us to do His will in our student years. The road ahead will be challenging, but i trust you, Lord, for in our weaknesses, your strength revealed. Your glory displayed. You are our good shepherd. We trust in you. For you alone the One we serve. Out of willingness and genuine love and pure joy. We give all we have. To You alone. Be magnified. less of us. More of you. Everyday. In our lives. We invite you. Into our hearts. Take your throne. We enthrone you. King of Kings, Lord of Lords. Amen!



  1. Was encouraged by this post…keep pressing on and lovin’ on people! Praise God for what he is doing through you.

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