Posted by: iamlillian | December 24, 2008

On Christmas Eve

Day 3 in Perth = Christmas Eve

Weather is just beautiful!

Went out with fellow OCFers. 🙂 Thanks to Willy for driving us around in Perth. We went to yum cha 🙂 , then bought a yummilicious apple strudel from the one and only ‘Corica’ and headed off to Scarborough Beach. The view was breath-taking. Beautiful white sand, blue ocean & sky. God is truly Magnificent!

Corica Apple Strudel - The Best!

Corica Apple Strudel - The Best!

 Traditional Italian pastries made right here in Northbridge. Our signature is “Corica’s Apple Strudel” a must taste sensation whether visiting Perth/Northbridge or a local dining in Northbridge for lunch or dinner. Open Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm and Saturday 8.00am until 12.30pm.

Scarborough Beach

Scarborough Beach

 Scarborough Beach has the best white sand surf beach in the world. This Perth beach is the ideal Indian Ocean vacation destination to relax and meet the beautiful people of Perth who know Scarborough beach is the best beach in Western Australia.


enjoying d strudel

enjoying d strudel

Jez & i

Jez & i


Then we went to IKEA.
yellow coffee table from IKEA

yellow coffee table from IKEA

Dinner at home tonight! Homecooked laksa we’re having. yay! 🙂
homecooked laksa - YUM!
homecooked laksa – YUM!

Thanks to Ming for cooking such delicious Laksa 🙂

more pictures to be uploaded…

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