Posted by: iamlillian | December 29, 2008

A Roadtrip to the Valley of Giants, WA

A family outing:

We went on a bus tour to the Valley of Giants Sunday. Sis only had Christmas Eve, Christmas Day & Sunday off and couldn’t take us out to explore much of WA, so she decided to book a tour for the family on Sunday, just before we leave Perth for KL.

Itinerary for the day:

Woke up at 0630am; had a light brekkie; left home at 0715am.

Reached city; parked our car; got on to the coach bus enthusiastically.

Altogether there’re around 40 of us, tourists on board. All from different parts of the world -a family from Italy, 2 Korean ladies, a couple from HK, some other Europeans and Asians.

The beautiful scenery pictures in the tour booklet gave a little preview of what we’re about to experience.

Most of the time, the bus was moving on a long stretch of straight road.

straight road
our bus driver – Nigel
in the wilderness
straight road


However, things weren’t as exciting as expected. Most of the time, we slept on the bus 😛 The seats were quite comfortable, so it was so easy to doze off. I reckoned 70% of the time, we were all snoozing. haha.

sound asleep

In all, we travelled approx. 950km in 15 hours. We left at 8am and arrived back in Perth city at 11pm.

But i was impressed by the beautiful nature at the Tree Top Walk and Williams Bay.

Thoughtful mum brought some snacks just in case we were hungry; maybe bored. hehe. It turned out that i was bored that i played with my camera, taking random photos. (more to be uploaded in my Flickr)

Our first stop was at a small town called ‘DonnyBrook’ – famous for its fruit industry. That explained why there’re ‘Big Apple’ Bakery and ‘Big Apple’ lamp poses.



Then, we continue on with the bus ride to the next stop – ‘The Diamond Tree Lookout’ where we had our lunch.

At the top of this 51 m karri tree, situated about 10 km south of Manjimup, is the only wooden treetop tower in the world. It is still in use as an integral part of the fire management and spotting programme. Climbing of the tree is permitted. It was built in 1939.

Climbing the giant tree
Climbing the giant tree

 We had cold dish for lunch

cold chicken, ham & salad
cold chicken, ham & salad
Starring into the blue sky

After lunch, we headed off to the Valley of Giants (Tree-top walk). Nigel played some Aussie songs to entertain us. Soon, we dozed off to sleep again. haha.




The view was breath-taking.

Giant tree

Giant tree

For more photos, please check out my Flickr in the next few days.

<to be continue>

Going home home this evening. 🙂



  1. I’ve been there before!

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