Posted by: iamlillian | December 30, 2008

*Home Sweet Home*


Brothers and I safely underwent all check points/customs and finally arrived Kuching International Airport this morning.

01:45am Perth – KL 06:45am (we landed 06:05am – 40 minutes ahead of schedule)

09:45am KL – Kuching 11:30am

Praise God for all went well, as scheduled. No delays. Phew*

We were able to chat among flight passengers during the international flight and we came across s few fellow Kuchingnites in the chat room! lol! What a coincidence! We had a good chat. haha!

I must comment that Air Asia X flight was quite comfortable and good in-flight service even thou it is a budget airline and assumptions were that it would be just average. However, it turned out not the case for me. Personally, i quite enjoyed the flight. At least i got to get a few hours of good sleep. Thou some may think the seats were a bit small. hehe…an Aussie guy who was quite big in size even apologized for the awkwardness. I think it was his first time on board. He displayed a shock look when he saw the seat. lol. His mate came up later and asked ‘How did u even fit in that seat!?’ hahaha! Anyways…we (bro & i) all had some good rest on board.

So, this entire trip has been a reasonable one. We all felt better after a few snoozes.

ahh!! Glad to be home again. Embracing the humidity~ haha!

Our first local delicacy after landing –

Chicken Rice! Yum! and Teh Chi!

<to be continued>



  1. glad to hear ur safe n sound at home d. hope u hv a good time back home 🙂 God bless.

  2. yea, Thank God for the smooth journey home. 🙂

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