Posted by: iamlillian | January 1, 2009

New Year Countdown

How/Where would/did you celebrate the very moment as the clock struck 12?

Who would/did you celebrate with?

As for me, i dedicated my last 2 hours of 2008 to God. The 3 of us (bros & i)attended the Countdown service (10:00pm) at our home church, Trinity Methodist Church.


TMC - new Church building 2005

Today, i am in awe of how God has blessed our church all these years. God has been so faithful and merciful to the church. Read about the history at

For the last four years ever since i left for Adelaide to further study, the Church has grown and flourished in many areas. Now we have tri-lingual services: English, Chinese & Bahasa Malaysia (BM) & new pastors.

At the end of the ‘Countdown’ service, Rev. Wong mentioned that how unique is our church, that there’re 3 pastors representing each congregation, that the congregation stood up 3 times for 3 installations of LCEC, that there’s a variety of culture & background among the church members, that we sang songs of Praise & Worship in tri-lingual, that pastors, Rev. Wong himself speaks in 3 languages during the combined Countdown service.

For the first time, i heard of  the chinese version of  ‘Walking in the light of God’. For the first time, i sang songs of Praise in BM. ‘Ku memuji Mu, Tuhan’. For more info on the songs & lyrics, go to

Many of the younger kids i remember back in Sunday school are all grown taller, especially boys my youngest brother’s age. Boy, they really changed so much and  girls, some of them look more mature now as teenagers turning adults.

Also, met my Girls’ Brigade (GB) Captain Lily and my high school P.E teacher Mei-Ling.

Find out more about GB 3rd Kuching Company at

Rev. Wong shared on Psalm 46 reminding us that we need to be Still before God, meaning instead of being busy all the times, we need to be Still and listen to God and examine our own attitude and actions.

Indeed, as i pondered upon that thoughts, i am grateful for God’s unfailing love & everlasting faithfulness.

After the sharing was the installations of the Local Church Executive Committee (LCEC). Praying and blessing the leaders for 2009-10. Each of them held a candle, meaning ‘being God’s light to the world’.

 Reading the posts under ‘News-Events’ -‘From our shepherds’ on the website, I got to know about how our previous pastors are doing now. There’re many sharings that are encouraging and useful for teaching. Find out more at 

My heart is full of joy right now 🙂 So much to praise to God about.

singing ‘Every Blessing You pour out, Lord, i turn back to praise you…’



  1. May God pour His blessings upon you in 2009!

  2. the very moment before the clock struck 12, i was emptying an IDC.
    the very moment the clock struck 12, happened to be the moment i stood up (holding the jug in my hand).
    and so i stood there (still holding on to that jug of yellow bodily fluids) and watch the fireworks for a good 10 minutes.
    who would have ever thought one would ever watch fireworks like that… lol~

  3. Thanks Novice101. Same to u.

    aww, Wen. I can relate to that. i had a similar experience back in 31 dec 07. was doing night shift with Terese i think, and Bobbie + Lorraine if not mistaken. ya..can see the fireworks from the windows.

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