Posted by: iamlillian | January 2, 2009

In the Kitchen


I miss cooking!

I have not cooked for a long long time 😛

Miss being in a kitchen.

Glad that i’m home now! and will have plenty of time in the kitchen!

Today, I cooked for the 3 of us lunch and dinner. I just grabbed whatever i could find from the fridge. Simple dishes i aimed to make. 😛

For lunch, i prepared chicken soup, steamed fish and veggies with rice.

‘Chicken soup is believed to be nutritious.’

Chicken Soup
Chicken Soup

I put all the mushrooms left in the soup…i’m a super mushroom fan! 🙂

and realised i need some for the fish. Anyway…

Steamed fish
Steamed fish

I added cut ginger, garlic, onion & pickled lettuce. And a bit of vinegar, a bit of soy sauce.

As for dinner, we had ‘mee goreng’ (fried noodle) & boiled eggs (‘Telur’) with the leftovers from lunch.

Mee Goreng with Telur

Mee Goreng with Telur

Instant Noodle

Instant Noodle

‘Daddy’ Instant Noodle is a local product of a Kuching food company. I reckon it tastes better than ‘Maggi’. Hehe.

My brothers, being my food tasters for the day…haha, gave good rating for the food. lol…haha…passed~

The hardest part was chopping the chicken into small pieces. haha…i am so inexperience. Ended up with a small blister on my index finger. 😛 i think it was caused by the friction between the fingers and the wooden handle of the chopping knife.

Now, i’ve bursted the blister. Ouch! it’s still a bit sore now. =_=


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