Posted by: iamlillian | January 6, 2009


When was the last time you look through your childhood photos?

Did it bring back the good & not-so-good memories?

Yesterday i was attempting to make a music video for a meaningful song that i really like. It’s a mandarin song ‘为主来梦想’ by 王子音乐
the lyric starts with

相片裡 兒時的模樣 (Childhood [images]memories in the photos)


So, i spent my morning looking through the old photo albums, picking photos of us four as babies; growing up stages to make the video.



相片裡 兒時的模樣 記錄著 年少的時光

曾經在 你我的心中 要登上月亮


多年後 我們都成長

告別了 青澀和迷網

曾經在 你我的心中

編織的夢想 是否已遺忘 啊.

人生的理想 是為主發光

拭去了淚水 使我們更堅強

路依然漫長 別失去盼望


為主來夢想 為主來發光

雖然有挫折 但我不用沮喪

主是我力量 主指引方向



  My self-translated version:

Vision(dream) for God

Childhood images in the photos; remembering our youth;

once in your heart & mine; we dreamt of flying to the moon; flying across the Pacific Ocean;

Many years later, we are all grown-ups; leaving behind childishness;

once in your heart & mine; the dreams we used to have; have we forgotten about them;


Our ideal life is to shine for God; tears we cried, make us stronger;

 road ahead is still long, let us not lose hope;

 when we suffer, remember God is by our side;

Vision (dream) for God; Shine for God;

Thou there’s challenges (obstacles), we need not be afraid;

God is our strength; God lead our way (G.L.O.W);

There’s HOPE in our lives;

There will always be bright sunshine.

Here’s a draft of the video i am making…



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