Posted by: iamlillian | January 13, 2009

Hit by a feeling

earlier post was like letting out the boredom trapped inside of me.

not sure if  ‘boredom’ is the right word to use…


maybe it was the idle mind…

Do you ever get hit by a feeling that really lifts your spirit up?

well…i was in the idle-mind-state i guess…which i really want to avoid…

sooo needing some motivation…

inspiration to plan some major tasks in leadership, art/craft projects for this year…one of it be designing a wedding invitation card 😀


gotta get excited…gotta get brainstorming

so, i decided to listen to some music to kickstart…

and i played the songs of one of my all-time favourites – MLTR  😛

‘Micheal Learns to Rock’  – classic!

and one of the popular songs- ‘Hit by a Feeling’ with the catchy beat, slowly stirring up the happy mood within 😀

Throughout the last decade or so, MLTR, a band from Denmark, has been producing many great pieces of songs that have won many people’s affection, and they have definitely made my memorable childhood, watching their old-school/hilarious music videos which dad had introduced them to us. 😛

miss those days…

Visit MLTR website at



  1. heya i love MLTR too! they came to Sabah when I was primary 6!

  2. hmm hmm wish we can visit some art/craft exhibition/galleries/stores now!! aiyo..thinking about it, i really regret not going to brunswick with u and sam… argh!!! i guess i made my decision out of pressure and stress.. sigh. anw, i hope u find ur inspiration soon! i understand wad u mean by the “idle mind”. maybe we can do sth together to stimulate our minds when i come back from kl!!

  3. i’m sure we can go ‘berbrunswick-ing’ again together! =)

    hehe..guess what…i just found some inspirations from

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