Posted by: iamlillian | January 24, 2009

Happy Niu Year

“tong to tong tong chiang…” Chinese New [Niu] Year is just 2 days away!~ 

Chinese New Year loud fastbeat songs playing on as i’m typing this post 🙂

Feeling the excitement of this busy festive season when people are busy cleaning, decorating their houses & buying new year goods, new clothes, preparing ang pau (red packets), etc.

 Chinese New Year is one of the major festive celebration in Chinese Calendar.

[Niu] – Cow/Ox. 2009 -Year of Ox

The Ox ( 牛 ) is one of the 12-year cycle of animals which appear in the Chinese zodiac related to the Chinese calendar. (wikipedia)

Year of Ox

Year of Ox

2 days to Chinese Year New~


I am so Blessed 🙂 to be able to be home this year to celebrate CNY with my family. Finally…after 4 years away from home. 

This Chinese New Year, our grandma also came to stay with us 🙂 Glad to have her here with us. Praise God for grandma’s good health 🙂 She’ll be turning 80 this July 🙂


Chinese New Year this year to me is about family gathering, reunion, visitations, fireworks, new year songs & special newyear tv programmes 😛

For the past 4 years, i celebrated CNY in Adelaide with fellow ocfers. we had special CNY bring-a-dish dinner gatherings, church CNY celebration with special events like games & singing CNY songs etc. It’s a special way of celebrating CNY in a different setting. We would also join the crowds in the Chinatown for the lion dances etc. Kinda miss it now…

But, time just flies… 4 years gone by, sis, bro & i who are studying overseas are able to be home together for CNY with mum & little bro…Indeed it is a great priviledge and joy. 🙂

M.I.A for past few days as we’ve been spending time together as family preparing for CNY…


We took down the old-colour-faded lanterns & put up the new pair! 🙂


Decorating the living room with reds…

春 – Spring (in China) season of blossoming


Red means good fortune, bringing prosperity.



满 – full, satisfied, contented

 My own interpretation of  满 is God’s abundant blessings for us.

red pillow case

red pillow case

helping mum filling the red packets with $


We bought 3 goldfish today to add colour to our fish tank 😛
why 3?
3 (three) [三 ‘san’]  in mandarin means ‘produce; productivity’; that’s why. according to grandma.
3 goldfish

3 goldfish

some of the New year goodies…

mum ordered special CNY cakes

prune layered cake

prune layered cake

'hati pari' cake

'hati pari' cake

special ordered handmade biscuits

handmade biscuits

handmade biscuits

my favourite - kuih bangkit

my favourite - kuih bangkit

crispy egg rolls

crispy egg rolls


‘Bak Kwa’ (or ‘rou gan’ is a Chinese salty-sweet dried meat product similar to jerky, made in the form of flat thin sheets. It is normally made from pork)




Radio ( has been playing this new year song almost everyday. It’s a song about the joy of going back to hometown and being with family during Chinese New Year. I could identify with that feeling. The joy of being home with my family.

(Going Home to Celebrate New Year)

一年又一年 这座城市的喧哗
谁还在欢唱 谁不再反抗
一站又一站 站在自己的车站
一面都是墙 一退就是让

一年又一年 这座城市换红衫
谁还在欢唱 谁不再反抗
一代又一代 先贤锣鼓走过来
家在土里长 国在心里放

你来自北方 我来自南方
你不是寄居 我不是流浪
你身在异乡 我心在家乡

过年已过了三代 上一代靠岸 下一代上岸


Here i wish all my chinese friends a Blessed Chinese ‘Niu’ Year filled with God’s presence, new hope & strength, love, joy & peace!

Also, not forgetting my relatives & friends who are in overseas now,  away from home & family during this festive season, wish you all a special joyous celebration of  Chinese ‘Niu’ Year, wherever you are.



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