Posted by: iamlillian | February 5, 2009

art journal


It’s another rainy day…

was working on a music video clip for sis’ upcoming birthday…starring long at the computer screen; multitasking; uploading photos to fb; waiting for the photos to upload; downloading a song for the video; flickring; fbking; msn; checking netbank…the usual things when going online

all was good…


i screwed up… 😦

it’s one of the silly things we occasionally do…and soon later realised and suffered the consequences… =_=|||

something went wrong with my USBs. Ended up losing all my photo folders of graduation, perth trip, melb trip etc…all gone…after accidentally formatted the USB.

a BiG ‘OOPS!’ popped up…! when i saw nothing…nothing left in that USB.

it was too late…

if only i did not click the ‘ok’ button. if only…

“Oh NOOO!! WHAT just happened!?” i screamed inside. On that instance, i really felt like tearing myself apart…the heart just felt as if crushed/burning with self-anger.

there’s nothing i can do to retrieve the photos… to ‘rewind’/’reverse’ to that moment. “If only…if only…” all the self-pity thoughts just keep racing through my mind…aihh

so…was a bit angry at my own foolishness…

but ahhh…finally got over it…80% Now left a little scar

i think it’s a natural instinct to seek help/comfort/debriefing.

So, what i went through was a quick denial…soon to a reality hit and self-comforting. debriefing first to God… “what have i done…God…how silly i was…” then to the closest person at that moment — mum. went away from the computer. back again, turning on some bubbly tunes, songs by Marie clear away the unhappy thoughts. Music therapy works for me. 🙂

lightening up…eventually…and recommencing on the music videoclip…

and while waiting for things to upload…i thought i could probably jot down some thoughts in my little notebook…and recalling what happened yesterday i drew a page of art journal on what i did with my bunch of ‘since-highschool’ friends. I really had a wonderful time hanging out with them.


ahh..thinking about happy moments can help to enlighten one’s spirit 🙂

at this thought, i’m thinking of a friend who loves the song ‘Happy thoughts’ and told me about a cute ad on youtube about a little boy walking home, feeling blue with grey clouds hovering on his head…but the clouds above his head cleared away when he was enjoying his toast with the EasiSingle cheese slice.

link: EasiSingles Cheese Slice youtube

check out “Happy Thoughts – Vyvienne Long Live @ Mill Theathe” youtube if you’re curious about the whole song – ‘Happy Thoughts’


all feeling much much better now 😀 

“Happy thought, happy thoughts…happy thoughts will save me” 🙂

Thanks Sam! 🙂 for the song 😛



glad to find that i actually did save some of the photo folders in my computer in Adelaide. and managed to get the same folders from sis while in Perth. Glad that i did not suffer a great loss actually. Phew!

and the video is completed & given to sis. awaiting the ‘unwrapping’ of the gift 😛



  1. Sorry to hear about your loss, but I like your journal page and hearing you describe your process of trying to process the “Oops.” I go through that sometimes, too–and you’re right, music can make SUCH a difference!

  2. hey..Thanks for the very quick comment 🙂 i’m much much much better now.
    Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

  3. Also very sorry to hear about your loss, it’s the worst! Something else that might cheer you up is that ‘Happy Thoughts’ has been released for download. It is available from Tower Records digital Download store here:

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