Posted by: iamlillian | February 8, 2009

Just in time

Just in time to make changes to our flight back to Adelaide.

Thank you, Lord God for your perfect timing.

was packing at 1pm and weighing our luggage to ensure we wont be overweighed.

Just to double-check our flight bookings and luggage allowance, i logged on to Airasia website.

And to my surprise, the departure times are all changed.

Kch – KL : delayed 30 minutes
KL- Perth: rescheduled to an hour earlier than the scheduled time.

after calculating the time left in between 2 flights…we have less than an hour to re-check in.

😦 uh-oh…we started panicking…

so, we quickly searched for other earlier Kch-KL flights. At the same time, mum also rang the Airasia to confirm flight changes detail and seek help.

and Praise God that we are able to travel on an earlier flight to KL after getting confirmation from the Airaisa office.

The time now is 3:40pm.

our new flight will be at 7:10pm. Estimated time of arrival in KL will be around 9pm.

KL-Perth : 00:05am
so, that will give us enough time to check in for the following flight.

and our luggage weigh-problem is all solved now after much adjusting and weighing on our little weighing scale. Phew!

Phew phew~…Thank God all is settled for now. Hopefully all goes well from now on.

From this incident,
i learned that more time must be allowed in between flights, especially for budget airlines to avoid any possible problems.

i learned that it is always necessary to double check flight details at least 24 hours prior to scheduled time.


fingers crossed.

Pray that we’ll have safe & comfortable flights and smooth transits & enter Australia without much problem.



  1. It’s neat when all the details come together after a little bit of chaos. Glad to hear your flight plan worked out–have a good trip.

  2. Thank You!
    all went so well…i’m glad!
    Praise God 🙂

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