Posted by: iamlillian | February 10, 2009

Back again, Adelaide

The temperature soared up in Perth yesterday.

Was scorching hot reaching mid-afternoon. No where to hide. our poor luggage sat in the car whole day.

But it was great catching up with sis and Zhi 🙂

flight to Adelaide delayed half and hour…but that was ok…ok finally. Last transit. phew!

Thinking back, still thank God for the smooth entry to Perth. my worry of visa issue erased. relieved. 🙂

and we managed to save some $ by taking the public buses home.

a bit cool and breezy in Adelaide city…and quiet as we pulled our luggage from one bus stop to another. Waited 20 minutes for our bus to get home. Got home just before the clock struck 12am.

unpacked my luggage and creating more mess in my already-messy room.

messy room…back in my messy room…got work to do!

signing off, starring at the mess…



  1. Sounds great, despite the heat! Good luck with the mess–that’s never all that much fun! 🙂

  2. hehe…
    the room is less messy now 🙂

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