Posted by: iamlillian | February 13, 2009

Shape my Life

i came to hear Jonathan’s songs through my youngest bro while holidaying back in Kuching. One of his songs is this inspiring song  ‘Shape my life’. I’ve made a music & lyric video for this song. Enjoy.

Jonathan Tse is a youth pastor in a local church called Faith Christian Centre located in Bandar Sunway. Hailing from the Federal Territory of Labuan, he graduated from Inti College Subang Jaya with a BSc. in Computer Science in April 2004. He is now pursuing his theological studies as a part-time student in Malaysia Bible Seminary.

He is currently producing his debut solo album called ‘Purpose’, which is due to be released on the 2nd December 2005. The musical content of the album varies from contemporary pop music to jazz, and is arranged in a very casual and light mannered tone. Purpose is a project that was birthed from his own initiative to create an impact in the local music scene.

more of his other songs at


Mornin’ wakes as the sun rises from the east
It turns out the dark of the night
As I wake up and I look out the square frame window
I see the sky its blue and white
a sight looking so close like heaven
I’m thankful that I’ve been, given this life of mine
as I hear the birds singing in the air, making melody it’s given me a song to rhyme

‘So beautiful’ – Jonathan Tse


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