Posted by: iamlillian | February 18, 2009


been checking weather forecast again and again…

just hoping that the weather will be cooler soon…


what happened to me in the last 24 hours —

experienced black-out.

moving things into and out of car.

slipped on the staircase while moving things.

hurt my lower back, right above coccyx. Ooouch!^ still aching. aduhh.

feel pain whenever i try to sit, bend, squat. Whenever the pain strikes as i lift/rise from sitting position, a sudden short-deep breath is taken instantly.

haven’t felt pain like this for a while now.



made Easiyo yogurt, using the Easiyo maker that mum got us to bring over.

slept in a new bed. In a fairly warm night. First night in my new room.

woke up at 4-ish am. can’t sleep since then.

i think it was the pain that woke me up.

Been rubbing it. rub rub…pain, please go away soon.

lying in bed..still as a lamp pose. fingers crossed.

“Dear Father God…”

New Day started.

temperature started to rise. 24…30…32…34.4…imagine it’ll be the same for tomorrow. aww..


Housemate, Janice‘s first day of work! 🙂

back to the old place…more packing and loading. Bro helped.

Thanks heaps, bro. 🙂

Time for Audio Bible. Exodus 10-13.


getting into the car became awkward. and sore. ouch^


walking up & down the stairs with boxes after boxes to my room…

despite the fall i had…slowly..little by little, i made it. Phew*


the room was so warm. like sitting in a sauna. but after a while..the body adapted to it. hmmm…tomorrow i need to get a fan, perhaps. and maybe a cloth to cover the window blinds as well.


out of my comfort zone of the old place…i took the leap of faith.


Much to adapt to in the new environment. need time to settle in.

thinking back…i like the inside of the house (kitchen, living room…)  since i set my foot into it. just that i didnt get to see the room.

so, need to fit my thingsss into it somehow. all of it.

A thought came across my mind…thinking back when i first arrived in Adelaide with one large luggage, a medium-sized luggage, hand luggage & a box.

Now…after 4 years…i’ve accumulated many. and many more. it felt like never ending with the moving. Driving back & forth. day after day.

well, on second thought, it was good to go through all the things…sorting out the unwanted items and packing them for Salvo. Gave away books, clothes, etc.

and yet…there’re still plenty.

And not forgetting the friendly lovely friends that i’ll be staying together with.

It’s the people that you’ll be staying with, under the same roof…that matters most.

And God blessed me with two good housemates. 🙂

I was so clumsy last Monday…leaving my house key still stuck on the door. and fortunately, nothing bad happened. I only realised it when my housemates told me. i was like…”Oh no! Serious!…i..i…forgot!?”

it was partly because i was walking my way back to the house from city central. it took me 20+ minutes. Walking in my pair of jeans, under the big bright sun. Hot-hot. Thank God for shades. but still it was so warm.

maybe that somehow affected my concentration and oopsy ‘i did it again’ (yes…i confess i did it before to my hostel room key. left it hanging there.)

maybe i AM a really clumsy person. thinking back on the embarrassing moments…clumsiness…hmm. Got to do something about it.


ok, back to the house.

it’s a two-storey town house in a strategic location in the heart of Adelaide city. There’s banks, post office, supermarkets, cafes, library…all just walking distances away! and there’re convenient public transportations.

the best was the free connector bus ride i had on tuesday. weee~

went to Post office. Posted a parcel to Tassie.

Groceries shopping in Woollie. Bought 3 green bags for $2. Got to be Eco friendly.

Saw a little boy calling out ‘Maa, maa ma…’ looking for his mum in the crowd, who was only a few steps behind him.

What would you do?

 i quickly ran over to him, trying to get his attention to look behind.

Mummy’s just right that.

Mummy hurried to him. Just in time before the child started to panic.

This reminded me of the tv ad that shows a little boy holding his mummy’s hand…but in split seconds, he was all alone. in a big crowd, near the escalator. And his facial expression changed as he was looking around for his mummy. Tears started welling up in his eyes…

The tv ad was showing ‘Quit’ – smoking ad. i would interprete it as…”better quit smoking soon…maybe it takes life away.”


Bought 2 bottles of Vitamin C 500mg. One bottle for bro, one for me. Got to stay ‘pink’.

poor bro been sick with cough for the past one month. Finally he’s getting a lot better.


Got a sms from a friend who arrived in Adelaide last week for uni. Glad to hear from her.

Got a sms from a friend who had just completed her test today. Yay!

Got an email from mummy! haha…always excited to hear from her. 🙂

Browsing Flickr. Checking out Cheryl’s Flickr. V cool mosaic she made. Inspi[red] accompanying me as i drove…’Good companion’


the sun is setting soon…




  1. hope you’re alright! See a physio if it gets worse! will pray for you! take care! =p happy settling down!

  2. Greetings Lillian,

    Hope all’s well with your lower back, sorry to hear about your unfortunate mishap. May you be healed of the pain you are going through and that your movements will not be uncomfortable as you continue to pack ur stuff ! Trust that Abba Father will have you sleep like a baby in your new room.

    Wing Kuen

  3. Thank you, anon. =)

  4. hey wing kuen, i slept better last night. the ache is still there when pressure applied. i’ll be more careful at stairs. =)

  5. What an interesting and detailed description of your days! I hope your back starts feeling better soon! Mine has been giving me some problems this week, too, so I can commiserate a little. Thanks for your notes on my blog–it’s always so lovely to hear from my readers. 🙂 Take care!

  6. Hi lillian,

    Praise God for the good news ! Could try other sleeping postures to alleviated the pain (placing a pillow underneath your back to lessen the curvature of the lower back). For the stairs could try walking backwards (may or may not be beneficial). Hope and trust that we’ll hear more good news with regards to your back.

  7. Thanks, Willy!
    it IS so much better now! improving along everyday…
    still a bit aching when pressure applied..but not affecting walking, up the stairs, sleeping, bending now.


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