Posted by: iamlillian | February 21, 2009


Day 4 settling into the new house. =) having better sleeps. =)

Finally, i’m done with the packing-stuff-loading-unloading-the-car !

now left with boxes sitting in my room..awaiting to be unpacked.

Slowly, one by one, each day.

my lower back is coming along alright i guess…still a bit sore whenever i move from sitting to standing vice versa. Thank God it doesn’t affect my walking.

and Praise God for the cooler weather!! Yay!

and i bought a table fan for $12+ from Kmart just as the weather change happened on thursday. heh. Anyway…it’s a good quality fan and i’m sure i’ll need it again…soon…as the weather forecast showed that it’ll be 37degree this coming thursday!!!

let’s just hope it’s not so accurate, as ‘Amazing Race’ hosted by OCF Adelaide will be held on thursday.


at the moment experiencing a little issue with my computer internet connection…

apparently it’s not working.

Seeking computer expert’s help. hoping it’ll be fixed by tomorrow night.


A beautiful day today!

A refreshing morning, gathered with fellow excos: P&W, listening to a sermon on ‘Intimacy with God’, sharing personal thoughts & praying together for OCF centers & for each other.

Thanking Father God for the time to reflect, re-examine ourselves as individual and share our struggles in spiritual walk with God.


Enjoyed shortbread cookies made by Jac.

Blessed by Jez – a cute ‘nurse’ wooden pencil


Blessed by Huey Chi – a Jesus-loves-You ‘Stress Ball’ from Koorong.

img_2439No stress is too big for Jesus!


Groceries shopping in the crowded Central market.

Made little mini cupcakes & gingerbread men for Sunday School Kids.



we had fun decorating the gingerbreads. 😛



(Sunday): And the kids like them! =) so glad to see them getting excited about the gingerbread man.


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