Posted by: iamlillian | February 23, 2009

Past one week

YAY! finally the Internet is working! 😀

Praise God for that!

Thanks to the computer expert, Woei Shyang!


what happened during the past one week…

1. Moving out from hostel, into a townhouse, staying with 2 housemates in the city.




boxes of stuff…oh, i really need to get the unpacking part over and done with, Soon!

while my sore back is improving. less pain now. Thank God for that!

2. adapting to my new room, new routine, etc. groceries shopping & cooking my own simple  meals. 🙂

img_2399stir-fried veg & beef with blackbean sauce

3. A morning walk in Morialta Conservation park with Janice’s mum. A visit to an Op-shop. Bought an ‘Adidas’ cap (still in good condition) for just 50cents. Janice’s mum treated us lunch at Astor cafe/restaurant on Pulteney St. Thumbs up for the food there. reasonable prices and delicious.

4. Discipleship with Wendy. Sharing thoughts and praying together. Praise God for Wendy. Praise God for this opportunity to learn and share together.

‘For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.’ Matthew 18:20

5. OCF SA last summer combined meeting on 20/2/09. Encouraged to see many newcomers in our midst. Praying together for each other in 4, for our center and personal needs.

6. First exco meeting with all 7 of us present. Coming together as one. Devotion & praying together. Sharing & keeping each other accountable.

To be more intimate with our dear Lord God who deserve the Highest Praise & Glory.

“Everyone of us is as close to the Lord as we  like chose to be.”

An initiative, conscious move. ‘Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.’ – James 4:8

“Empower us, Father, to share the love of Christ; As bread that is broken, Lord, use our lives.” –As bread that is broken

“Lord, we humbly come before You; we don’t deserve of You what we ask; But we yearn to see your glory; restore this dying land.” – Spirit, Touch Your Church

7. Baking cupcakes and gingerbread men for the sunday school kids. Quite a beginner…so i bought the pre-mixed packets. Made a few mistakes, but it was fun and quite successful. Maybe a little too soft for the gingerbread men.


8. Sunday church service – attended the English service. Aunty Lyn preached on ‘Praying together as One’ – Matthew 18:19-20

“When we pray together, we obey together.”

Opening hymn: O God, our help in ages past – sang this once in OCF friday meeting, once this morning. A sweet reminder of God our Father who was and is faithful, our shelter from the stormy blast, and our eternal Home!

9. OCF pre-O-week briefing/meet-up: Enthusiastic about what God will be doing through OCFers in the uni compound in the next 3 days.

Pray that God will intervene Himself and lead more people to come to know Him through OCF. Pray for all that are involved in setting-up-d-booth, planning, managing; that God will strengthen and renew their strength and joy as they participate in the Orientation week; REACHING OUT to the new students.

10. Dear gifted-in-baking sister Jac baked such lovely delicious heart-shaped cake, brought for the February Babies at church this morning. How thoughtful she was! Well-done, Jac! 😀

img_2431We are so Blessed!

May the Love of God fill your cup whenever you are dry and pick you up again, wherever you are; and keep you going from strength to strength.


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