Posted by: iamlillian | February 26, 2009

The Amazing Race

img_2460by Overseas Christian Fellowship

(OCF) Adelaide University

A special event planned over the summer break by a group of dedicated OCFers.

Although it’s been forecasted that today will be 39degree, hot, dry & sunny…

we were full of hope and trust that God will be merciful and provide our needs.

and Praise the Lord!, for the clouds and shades as we were adventuring around in the city.

Although the number of new students didn’t turn out as we’ve expected, still thank & praise God for the 8 new students who participated in the race. 🙂

There’re 4 groups of 5 people, 2 new students & 3 OCFers (as runners)

we met at 9am, in front of the SA museum. Getting to know out team members and receiving instructions.

Slip, slop, slap…

Ready, get set— GO!


our first task:



one person had to drink 1.25 litre of SOLO fizzy drink…glup* & one person to eat 4 dry weetbix! and the new students did it! woohoo! a girl finished the drink first, beating all the guys, but soon after she vomited. aww…

Moving on, the participants had to answer all the questions. For example, find out how many pearls make up her necklace on the portrait of Catherine Fenn in the Art Gallery.

how many bronze plaques are there on the pavement of North Terrace.


We then travelled tru Rundle Mall, finding sculptures & taking photos with them.

One of them is the Iconic Silver Balls.

Moving on, we took the tram down to Central Market.


Option 1 (easy but time-consuming): Find the 16 stalls in the market according to the picture clues given and answer the questions.

Option2 (harder but quick): Find a tourist, a student from UniSA, a student from Ade Uni, and take group photos with them…With shaving cream on every team members’ face! 😛

and we went for option 1 as no one felt like having shaving cream on their face. (need a ‘thick face’ for such act :P)



Then around noon time, we went to Vic SQ to complete a jigsaw puzzle of an Aboriginal Dot-Painting. It was challenging to match the colours and pieces together, but thank God for the Big tree where we sat under, in the shade, figuring out the puzzle patiently.

and we made it!

Moving on to the final pitstop!! YAy!

we took the free 99C bus to Botanic Garden where the pitstop will be.

The clue was to find the place where the ‘Desperate Housewives’ stay, in the Botanic Garden.

‘Wisteria Lane’

and we managed to find our way there.


Yay! we’re the first team to arrive!

but no one was there to ‘welcome’ us 😛

we’re unexpectedly early.

Then, after a while, 2nd team arrived…

and we set up for picnic on the lawn while waiting for the remaining 2 teams to arrive.

The committees cooked delicious fried rice, prepared salad, fruits & ordered pizzas.

Everyone seemed to be having great fun together, just bonding…thou it’s a very hot afternoon.


A BIG Thank You goes out to the committees who spent so much time & energy in preparing for this RACE, which turned out really well & fun!

All your hard work paid off!

Glory be unto God.


and my lower back is so so so much better now.

Praise the Lord.


Thinking of Aunty M who had an ankle injury & now having a cast for weeks.

going to visit her with the excos this weekend.


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