Posted by: iamlillian | March 4, 2009

a walking wednes-day

walking day

walked from IKEA carpark to the departure hall in airport. 5-10min.

walked to the bus-stop from home. less than 5 min.

Lunch/catching up with a friend who was working in Women’s & Children’s Hospital this morning,  tuna sandwiches at hospital cafeteria; my first time visiting WCH.

kids’ wards are so different from adults’…more colours, higher doorknobs, smaller beds, colourful patterned curtains, etc.

then, walked from WCH to the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH). 20-25min. walking down King William Rd, along the Torrens River. just simply blissful.



From RAH, walked to 108 North Terrace (opposite Railway station).

Service SA; to change my address on the driver’s license. To affix a sticker of the new address to the back of the license.

Thank God for the timing. i got a ticket and waited for my turn; at the counter, as the man was processing my details, an announcement was made.

“Attention, fire alarm set off in Level 9… …Please leave the premise… …”

We were at ground floor. a sigh of relief? heh.

First thought came across my mind…”uh oh…please get the sticker done before we all evacuate…”

and as if the man read my mind… he said jokingly ” Don’t worry, I’ll do this before this place get burnt down.”

and phew…it was done withing seconds and happily i headed towards the exit, while many people seemed ignoring the warning and continue waiting/serving customers.

i didn’t hear the alarm while inside the building, but heard it loud and clear once outside on the street; and two fire trucks with loud siren & flashing lights arrived right in front of the building within seconds; people on the street looking up to the sky, including me…looking out for clouds of smoke.

i didn’t see any smoke, so kept walking towards Rundle Mall. 5+ min.

From one end to the other end. 5 + min walk.

took a tram to chinatown.

Scale-searching: Decided to get the food weighing scale at a discounted price from the ‘Cook’s Market’, after comparing to the ones in HS & Target. Need it for measurement of ingredients.

Thinking of baking cookies/cakes…

at 4:30pm, the free connector bus didn’t appear at the bus-stop. waited and waited. 10 mins gone by.

i decided to walk. From Gourger St to Halifax St. Took me almost 20mins.

Reached home right on 5pm. Got all the swimming gear…off walking fast to Flinders St, to the swimming pool. approx. 15mins.

My housemates and i planned to go swimming together at around 5pm.

we swam & swam for more than an hour. It was really fun! Mel taught us to do somersaults in the water. it was tricky to do a perfect turn. still not there yet. =P

we also fooled around a bit, trying to imitate the actions/expressions of synchronized swimmers. LOL. we had fun. 😀

Then, together we walked back home.

After dinner, Jan & i walked to the IGA supermarket. Talked about chocolates~

almost 9pm, i decided to bake some cookies…according to the cookie recipe book.



gigantic crunchy choc chips cookies…

they expanded. Turned out to be so big cookies…heh.

i guess i took quite a big chunk of dough for each cookie.

i’m not really impressed with their look, but they taste quite good. crunchy choc chips cookies. 😛

there’s always room for improvement.



  1. Wooh!!! What a day indeed! Walk walk walk in the light…walking in the light of God! Hahaha! Mmm…yum! Delicious looking cookies! 🙂 Have a great day!

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