Posted by: iamlillian | March 4, 2009

Emma Hack

A cold breezy 21°C morning. a light shower.

Sent Aunty L to airport this morning at 7am and accompanied her together with Mel till she boarded the plane. 🙂

There were series of interesting art/ body-painting exhibition by Emma Hack, an Adelaide artist/painter inside the waiting lounge of airport.


Award winning body artist Emma Hack continues to be at the forefront of an art form growing in popularity.

Through dedication and a passion for her craft, Emma’s 18 year career has evolved from beginnings as a children’s face painter and qualified hairdresser and make-up artist, to a body artist of world acclaim.

Creative projects along with advertising campaigns, corporate events and fashion parades have enabled her to develop her own style which is now instantly recognisable and highly sought after nationally as well as internationally.

Some intriguing & creative artwork by her…

‘Beautiful Ways to Die’ collection

Beautiful Ways To Die explores elegance in the macabre, inspired by the beauty and tragedy of fairytales.  Emma’s muses are trapped in seemingly innocent situations with a potentially fatal result.

* my favourite

2106351like snow white…a bite of poisoned apple…*crunch


‘Cowscape’ collection

Inspired by ‘Cow Parade’ while traveling overseas, Emma created a surreal collection of bovine artwork to raise awareness of the drought in South Australia and our farmers plight.


i like this one

*She actually painted on these cows…

fascinating ‘Wallpaper’ Collection

Emma continues to evolve her collection of the human form blended into Florence Broadhurst’s iconic wallpaper artworks.

Each style and character is created within the flow the wallpaper emits for a unique image.

Emma’s wallflower muses ‘play’ within the wallpapers interacting with their environment.

Her latest collection from 2008 features images of models holding native birds creating a ‘floating’ effect within the designs.

Emma photographed this collection herself, evolving her talents to a multimedia art-form.
Signature Prints have allowed Emma to utilise Broadhurst’s wallpapers within her art collections, the only artist allowed to do so.





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