Posted by: iamlillian | March 9, 2009

a great weekend


went to watch 2 Fringe shows with my housemates. 🙂

my first time attending Fringe events. It turned out really good!

1st one was ‘My Significant other is a Mobile Phone‘ starring Nikki Aitken & Sidonie Henbest, and featuring Adam Lutley on the piano at The Promethean, Grote St.$18 (instead of $25 adult fee) An hour show.


Cabaret style performance.

Personally i enjoyed it especially when they sang. very powerful vocals. Witty dialogues. Good flow of the show. Very well done.

stamps on our wrists

stamps on our wrists

Nikki & Sidonie performing

Nikki & Sidonie performing

Intro: “In a technology age, where intimacy now comes in i-form, what is a girl to do: Give up or Gear Up? Join two women-of-the-world as they sing the high, low and no-points in the game of love. Would you date a man without Google-ing him first?”

“Witty dialogue is perfectly punctuated by classic and original songs.”

“The show is really about love and the extreme we go to, to find it. It is written from the perspective of two 30-something women…”


2nd Fringe show we went was Charlie Pickering, standup comedy at The Garden of Unearthly Delights.


Totally hilarious. we laughed til our faces started to feel cramped. Laugh out loud* It was very entertaining. Witty guy.

“Edgy, polished and inventive, Charlie Pickering is one of the most exciting names in Australian comedy.”

“Charlie Pickering is an Australian comedian. He has hosted a national radio show, hosted television shows and performed standup comedy all around the world from London to Bahrain. He currently lives in Melbourne in a small house with his wife and a West Highland White Terrier named Waldon.”



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