Posted by: iamlillian | March 12, 2009

Inspire-me Thursday

God is Good,

All the times. 🙂

A Wednesday night of worship & teaching by Dr. Michael Youssef at Edwardstown Baptist Centre. Many people came. Yearning to hear God speaks through Dr. Youssef. Indeed, it was a wonderful evening praising God and experiencing Him.

I came to hear about the preaching of Dr. Youssef through He always speaks with great passion and urgency, declaring God’s truth. He challenges and encourages the listeners; and the lives of the people changed after hearing the Word of God being preached through radio.

I still remember vividly hearing ‘Leading the Way’ preaching by Dr. Youssef on in my car after work at night; staying in my car listening to him until it finished.


The night started off with a time of worship led by the church worship team & a special guest, Steve Grace.

Twenty years ago he was driving trucks and singing in bars. Today, Steve Grace is an Australian Gospel artist with eight albums and a million miles of concert tours behind him. Communicating to thousands of people each year his tours literally go anywhere and everywhere, from remote villages on South Pacific islands, to major venues in big cities.

Dr. Youssef shared biblical based challenging and inspirational insights. Also, introducing and upfating Leading The Way ministry in Indonesia and throughout Asia.

Michael Youssef, Ph.D.

Dr. Michael Youssef

Even before he was born, it was evident that God had a vision for Michael Youssef. His mother was in poor health at the time she became pregnant with Michael, and because her life would be jeopardized by the birth, the doctor recommended terminating the pregnancy. But God intervened, and sent the family pastor to reassure them the night before the procedure was to take place that God was involved in this pregnancy, not to be afraid, and that this child would be “born to serve the Lord.” His mother gave birth, and lived to see him surrender his life to the Lord in 1964 at age sixteen.

Believing that God was calling him out of Egypt, Michael sought an exit visa at a time when no university student was permitted to hold a passport or leave the country. God intervened again, and miraculously provided approval of his application. He immigrated to Australia, where he studied at Moore Theological College in Sydney, was ordained as a minister, and met and married his wife, Elizabeth.

The Youssefs came to America in 1977, and Michael received a master’s degree in theology at Fuller Theological Seminary in California. He later earned a doctorate in social anthropology from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. Michael served for nearly 10 years with the Haggai Institute, traveling around the world more than 32 times, teaching courses in evangelism and church leadership to church leaders. He rose to the position of managing director and the family settled in Atlanta, then in 1984 Michael became a United States citizen, fulfilling a dream he had held for many years.

He founded The Church of The Apostles in 1987 with fewer than 40 adults with the mission to “Equip the Saints and Seek the Lost.” The church has since grown to a congregation of over 3,000. This church on a hill was the launching pad for Leading The Way‘s international ministry. While heard by millions at home and abroad, behind every message preached over the airwaves is a pastor’s heart, longing to feed and care for people.

Michael Youssef has authored more than 20 books, the most recent being 15 Secrets to a Wonderful Life. He has also produced numerous teaching series and booklets on a variety of important subjects to further assist believers in their spiritual growth and maturity on their journey of faith.

Leading The Way claims Dr. Youssef as the ministry’s number one volunteer. He receives no compensation for his time, nor does he receive royalties from the sale of any of the resource materials he produces and authors.

God called Dr. Youssef — even before birth — and is using Leading The Way today to reach millions of lost souls, to equip the saints, and to build up the Church of Jesus Christ worldwide.


As for this morning, i went cycling with my housemate, Mel. 🙂

my 2nd time cycling around in the city, on the free City Bike.

From 9:30-11:45am. We cycled from Franklin St to King William St, along the Torrens River, all the way to Frome St, then back on North Terrace down to West Terrace and turned into Waymouth St to Koorong Bookstore.

to be continued.


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