Posted by: iamlillian | March 17, 2009

1st day (orientation)


This is it!


a new exciting chapter is beginning from today onwards.


img_2804in my uniform

ready to go to the hospital.

Praise God for the light rain this morning, the fresh air with just a touch of coolness; the love and care i received from family and friends tru smses. 🙂

a day as a pedestrian


it was an enjoyable walk to hospital this morning.

i decided not to take the bus, and just walk.

it took me 15-20min to get there. Just perfect.

also because the bus was packed with people, and it usually goes on a longer route to get to the hospital, i thought i’ll enjoy a morning walk to work.

it’s not an ordinary walk.

it’s like starting the day together with the Lord…from the moment i pulled myself out of the bed…til the moment i closed the house gate and started the walk.

The walk with the Lord.

Just acknowledging His presence surrounding me.

Just giving praise and thanksgiving to Him.


A day of lectures on occupational health & safety welfare, communication, infection control etc  & manual handling practical.

had an hour+ break during lunch hour. Thought of just calling anyone out for lunch…but ended up having a quick bowl of chicken curry don and headed off to Spotlight. hehe.

20% off store-wide at Spotlight.

managed to buy some clothes…

going to make some more bags…

hopefully a skirt some times soon.

img_2805 evening sky


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