Posted by: iamlillian | March 18, 2009

drilling in

been enjoying and getting the most out of the orientation for the last 3 days.

topics/lectures we covered: (recap)

fire safety, communication, manual handling, basic life support, CPR, infection control, sharp safety, donning and doffing personal protective equipment, blood glucose level assessment, pain management, care-planning electronically, computer programs, admin stuff, support group, patient discharge planning, making referrals, hospital policies, Graduate program, schedule, annual leaves, etc.

certain things just cant be stressed enough…the core stuff ‘safety, infection control…etc’

some sessions we sat there listening and receiving informations…which were good and beneficial…refresh my memories and just to revisit the scenes again.

i was thinking to myself…

” now i am back in the field, after being away for a few months, to start afresh, to play a different role, different routine, expectations & encounters…i can do this, i can go one step at a time, boldly and courageously…”

it could be a scary thought, if i choose to let it be…if i choose to linger around it…

i can choose. i can make the decision to entertain either the positives or the negatives.

i admit it’s so easy to think the negatives, to let the mind run free down the ‘weary’ road, to start fretting…subconsciously…that’s where and how the ‘stress-balloon’ is starting to inflat…

‘the battlefield of mind.’

also a book title, Joyce Meyer the author. a thought-provoking book i came across.

our human mind is so easily prone to such thoughts and ideas..

that’s why we [i] need to be on constant guard of our [my] mind/thoughts-train.

*Thank God for the friendly approachable graduate nurse support team. =)


every single day, there’s something, perhaps new, or old, that we [i] could learn; that God could teach [show] us.

such was a day.

we [i] need to rise above our[my] circumstances and believe and trust that God is bigger than them, God’s love endures forever.

Our comforter, Our deliverer, Our source of hope and peace.

You alone, can satisfy our deepest need.

You alone, fill our emptiness.

Thank You, Father God, for i can look up to you and know you are there, always. always and forever.

You never failed.

All Glory and Honour be unto Your name.



attended New Life’ at AACC on tuesday evening with Jan.

it was uplifting to hear from others; their experience of relationship with God throughout the years of their christian walk. It was truly refreshing to listen to Rev. Nicky Gumble on video; that Jesus, the Way, the Truth and the Life. it was God-pleasing that we can pray together for & with one another.



discounted clothes i got from Spotlight.





img_2838sew some squares of fabric into this scarf


img_2840sending 10 postcards to my postcard-swap-partners community.

my first swap for 2009. took a bit of time off from swapping goods.

img_2846receiving postcards from overseas. =)


Meeting the nurse managers tomorrow morning…


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