Posted by: iamlillian | March 24, 2009

Keep me from fear

Thank You, Lord, for all the wonderful things You have done for me in the past, that You are doing for me today, and that You will do for me in the future. In the midst of troubled time, You were there to comfort me and cheer me on. Through the difficult situations, You taught me to look to You.


Keep me from fear and discouragement as I look at the challenges ahead. Thank You that You go before me. Thank You for being the Rock that i can cling on to when i feel like drowning in the chaos of life. Thank You for You are the Refuge where i can go when life gets overwhelmed.


Yesterday, supernumery day.

Today, my first officially shift as a RN with my own patient load.

shift started at 1300.

4 patients allocated. – 1 will be post-op, i new admission.

long story short…

a patient of mine needing nurse specialing

and i ended up specialing her

monitoring her up close,

filling in lots of paperwork -admission etc

a confused man next room trying to climb out of bed

a few new admissions

a few post-ops

every nurse was just racing against the clock and trying to get tasks done and organized.

short of staff; called for relievers

unexpected things will happen…

pulse oximetry maching playing up


every nurse looking tensed and annoyed.


needed a breather.


it hasnt been a good smooth shift…


i realized it’s during this kind of situation i learned most.

glad it’s over.

Tomorrow will be a brand new day at work.

2 down. 6 to go. 5 days off then.




  1. aww.. hope it won’t be as busy/chaotic on the days to come! but glad tat u learned valuable lessons during tough times. take care my friend!! stay strong 🙂 luv

  2. Hi Mei =)
    i think i’m surviving so far…it’s really really been just stressful for the last few days…like a thousand things to do…but thank God for the strength and courage to endure all this…still have 4 shifts to go…i need a break…

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