Posted by: iamlillian | March 30, 2009

“If you never felt pain…

how would you know I am a Healer.

If you never felt sadness, how would you know I am a Comforter,

and if life is perfect, would you still know ME?”

Since life isn’t perfect, so we must look upon God to lead us.



Despite the stressful 1st week of work, i have many reasons to be thankful for. =)


I thank You, Lord, for the friendly individuals who saw my anxiety as a fresh graduate and lent out a hand in the times of need.

I thank You, Lord, for providing these understanding individuals who appeared at the right time to assist and encourage me.

I thank You, Lord, for the privilege to be healthy and well to provide care for the sick and being there to advocate and encourage.

Being a RN comes with a lot more responsibilities and expectations. Honestly, i was feeling overwhelmed for the first week at work. My thoughts were scattered, and constantly racing against the time.

i pray that as time goes by, i will be more confident and know exactly when to intervene and manage my time.

i remembered hearing a visitor saying something like this to a patient of mine, “it’s not what happened that matters, it’s how you reacted to it that matters most. Take your time to accept and adjust and be ready to move on…”

That’s it. It’s how i choose to react to the circumstance.

Some days will be a little bit messier & disorganized; some days will be calmer and steadier.

That’s the nature of the work. That’s the way it keeps nursing interesting.


but somehow or rather, i felt mentally exhausted after days of work thou it has been fulfilling to participate in patients’ recovery.

That’s when i needed  to draw strength and be refreshed by God; and praise God for brothers and sisters in OCF & friends who have been a source of encouragement to me. =)

Be still and Know that He is God.


“Dear Lord, we lift up to You our deepest fears and ask that You would deliver us from them. Set us free from all dread and anxiety about the things that frighten us. Thank You that in Your presence all fear is gone. thank You that in the midst of Your perfect love, all fear in us is dissolved. You are greater than anything we face. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

img_2944autumn leaves



went to see dentist this am regarding my aching wisdom tooth.

did a OPG (dental imaging) and dentist suggested i go visit a specialist to get all 4 wisdom teeth extracted as the bottom left tooth isn’t looking great too. @_@”” reason was that he does simple extractions and mine looks like needing surgical extraction. So, referral to specialist was made. at first, 5th May was the soonest, then the nurse tried again, emphasizing the urgency that i am having an infection. It was then 23rd April. =S

then, the other nurse tried, and got me an appointment on 7th April the soonest. and i’m rostered to work. aiyak.

and antibiotic was prescribed.Clindamycin 150mg.

The feeling of self-medicating isnt so right; strange…hehe…1 tablet, 6 hourly. hmmm…who would wake me up at 1am for my tablet….the nurse herself, duh =P

upon reaching home, after much thoughts…i decided to find my own earlier appointment. heh. i searched online and called a few specialist clinic and found one for this wed. the soonest.

The reason being that i’ll have days off from wed…so it’ll be less troublesome to have it done during days off…

since the ache started on Friday, i became more cautious with oral hygiene…hehe, not that i dont normally…just extra cautious now with the thought of infection might be happening.

so, i bought antiseptic mouthwash liquid (which i never took) guess now it’s the best time to use it…and the smallest cutest toothbrush (so that can reach the hidden-away wisdom teeth) i could find in woolies. lol*



Thank God the pain settled a bit now.

early interventions saved the troubles.



  1. glad tat u got an early appointment.tmr rite?? good luck! hehe.soon ur toothache will b miles away:) btw, the toothbrush is soo cute!! hahaha..i always tell my parents i want these cute little toothbrush/toothpaste n they’ll laugh at me..haha, but arent they just r so lucky. but we r big kids so we hv the right to use them too!! :p

  2. Hey Lillian!
    haven’t come visit you for a while….after reading the article I feel the same way as you as being a newly graduate!!

    I hope your wisdom tooth is alright now. I haven’t had that experience yet^^” and sure I don’t wanna have it anytime soon

    These days I’m sick….coughing a lot. Yesterday I went to work and one of the nurses who sat next to me during handover, she physically moved so far away from me, which I got what she meant even though she didn’t say a word. But I felt offended.

    So today I didn’t go to work but stay home and rest. I hope I’m getting better. Liness made me this nice lemon and hoey tea seems to help a bit. So hping tomorrow I’ll be better.

    By the way, when do you have time to celebrate our first paycheque!? Me and Liness wanna go on Friday. If you’re on duty that’s fine, we’ll find another time! This week I’m off on 4th-6th

    Keep in touch!

  3. What a lovely update to read. I very much enjoyed reading your reminders to be thankful and the quotations at the beginning about how we wouldn’t know all of God’s goodness without some of the trials that we face. I don’t 100% always understand how that works out, but I believe it IS true. I hope your new job will continue to go well. Take care!

  4. Thank You all for dropping by & encouragement. =)

    Yep…by faith I trust God with every shift ahead.
    A verse just came across my mind…

    “Consider it pure joy, my brothers, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith develops perseverance.”
    James 1:2-3

    May our lives be continuously shaped & molded by God.

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