Posted by: iamlillian | April 6, 2009

when i don’t have work

a bit of what i did during my days off…

from left – across

  1. Jez’s graduation =)
  2. Baking Cupcakes
  3. Black Forest Cupcake recipe from Carol =)
  4. Cooking lunch for bro =)
  5. Grilled teriyaki salmon
  6. Cloudy sky – change of weather =)
  7. choc chip cookie recipe

second row

  1. baked choc chip cookies for DG
  2. grilled steak – medium rare (1st time grilling – turned out good)
  3. saw this nursing ad at a backpacker hostel across the street
  4. went cycling on sat morning – passed by parks on South Terrace =)
  5. Interesting sign – “Adult unaccompanied by children are not allowed in the park” =P
  6. on bicycle lane =)
  7. wish to spend an afternoon under a big tree =)

3rd row

  1. cycled past a garden
  2. beautiful creation of God – pretty pink rose
  3. rose garden
  4. grey clouds
  5. cycled past Morphett Square
  6. Church bell
  7. St Luke Church

4th row

  1. cycled to an asian grocery – bought a packet of ‘bai guo’ & ayam brand barley (thinking of making  ‘fu zhuk yi mai’ – dessert barley-soya soup)
  2. empty street at Chinatown, early sat morning.
  3. safe bicycle lane =)
  4. a perfect-weather sat morning for an enjoyable bicycle ride down the wide empty roads
  5. passed by art window displays on Halifax St
  6. cycled past ‘The Forest of Dream’ public art on Pulteney St
  7. ‘walking through life journey together – growing old together’ =)

5th row

  1. A couple with their lovely dogs having breakfast at Citrus. Pretty Poodle and its little buddy
  2. A smiley face for breakfast after cycling =)
  3. Discounted Uncle Toby’s cereal from IGA =)
  4. a little dog called ‘Mouse’
  5. took a free bus to Rundle Mall with Jan on Sat morning
  6. Autumn’s here
  7. Street performance in Rundle Mall on Sat morning

6th row

  1. with the crowd at Sushi train for ‘$3 all plates’ lunch
  2. diggin-in –  sushi =P
  3. salmon sashimi
  4. stacking up
  5. ‘Choo-choo’ Sushi train
  6. wobbly stack of plates
  7. beautiful cloudy evening sky. view from north adelaide

7th row

  1. Indian cuisine at ‘Jasmin’ -dinner with Vivianne & Linness
  2. Curry fish
  3. Chicken Masala
  4. night lights at U-Park, Pulteney St
  5. night lights at U-Park, Pulteney St
  6. Chocolate Bean, Union St off Rundle St
  7. ‘Grasshopper’ & Vegan Blueberry Bon Bon’ chocolates

8th row

  1. hot choc drink at Chocolate Bean =)
  2. making origami rabbits
  3. Discovery group & Discipleship =)
  4. The bright morning sun on Sunday
  5. Celebrate the Light =)
  6. Blue Sky white clouds
  7. taking antibiotic for tooth ‘infection’

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