Posted by: iamlillian | April 14, 2009

40 little reflections

40 little reflections to ponder upon.

What Easter mean to me…

  1. Jesus Christ, the Saviour, the Messiah.
  2. He is risen.
  3. He is the Truth.
  4. Jesus, the Bridge of Life.
  5. He is the One & Only Way.
  6. He is the Real Life Giver.
  7. Glory to the Hosanna in the Highest.
  8. He overpowered death, He holds the victory.
  9. At the foot of the Cross.
  10. By Your Grace alone.
  11. Forgiveness found.
  12. We are found.
  13. Reconciled.
  14. Cleansed.
  15. White as snow.
  16. You cleansed us.
  17. We have hope & peace.
  18. The chains are broken.
  19. You have set us free.
  20. The old has gone; the new has come.
  21. You know us by name.
  22. You shed Your precious blood.
  23. You gave up your life.
  24. You paid the price.
  25. You bought us, You sought us.
  26. Greatest act of Love.
  27. We gathered together for Holy Communion.
  28. In remembrance of You, Jesus.
  29. Renewing Hope, Restoring Vision.
  30. Rediscovering You, Jesus.
  31. I could sing of Your Love forever.
  32. We lift Your name up high.
  33. Fingers crossed, heads bowed.
  34. Streams of Praises and Joy.
  35. Hear our cries.
  36. Heal our heart.
  37. Restore us.
  38. Thou be our Vision.
  39. Thou be our Focus.
  40. Jesus, the Author & Perfecter of our faith.

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