Posted by: iamlillian | April 25, 2009

Post-op day 1

The heavy downpour continues. I could hear it clearly. And the strong wind too.

One of the heaviest rain I’ve experienced over these years in this dry patch of land, Adelaide.

and i am not going anywhere. Thou i really did consider going to the OCF leadership training session today…miss OCF la.

A friend wrote to me today, ‘… having that constant “sian, i don’t want to do anything” feeling.’

yes! lol…i do feel that..well, more like a…’geez, i don’t know what to do now…’

having a rather relaxed day i guess…

started the day with my devotion as part of the Discipleship course, read some magazines, read some blogs online, browsed some Flickr pictures, tidied my wardrobe a bit, thinking of my mum (who else would you think of when you’re unwell? Mummy would be the answer…miss you, mummy) , listened to music…re-playing the same song, watched some youtubes, hehe… just could not stay focus on one thing for long. up and down the stairs. chatted a while, now and then, with my housemates. Not feeling as tired as yesterday.

i guess i slept many hours yesterday. Glad i did. Something that i needed to catch up on. Sleep. And it has been sufficient enough. 🙂

Slept on the couch last night (as instructed to keep my head elevated) it’s actually better for my sore throat, which is recovering much better today!, and with my little heater on, and a thick quilt, only to wake up at 5:00am.

Lying still, i prayed to God. Thanking Him for the smooth surgery. Thanking Him that it has been as pain-free as possible. Was out into the recovery room in less than an hour. and soon awake enough to go home. Up until right now, i have not experienced extremely unbearable pain or bleeding and i’m grateful for that!

Thanking Him for the love and care i received from the people around me. 🙂


Did not drink/eat much yesterday. was feeling nauseous post-operatively for the first 6 hours.

and somehow having the constant consciousness of my wounded gums. Whether they are healing the way they should be. Whether i’m keeping them clean enough so that no infection will occur. Definitely not hoping to get abcess etc complications. Seriously not.

brushing aside the fearful thoughts, i am just grateful it’s over now. i took out my four wisdom teeth from the plastic pouch and clean them as clean as possible, thou still having a bit of tissue (gum) sticking to the teeth. (disgusting, i know!)



and dear housemate, Jan cooked  chicken+mushroom+sweet+potato+rice+porridge for the sick ones, one of them being me =P

It was heart-warming to have the warm home-cooked porridge on such a cold miserable day. and i just kept going back for more…i think i had 6-7 bowls. hehe =P my appetite is back.


It was cooked with love.

from a thoughtful friend.

Much appreciated, Janice!


and strangely enough, i craved for ice-cream…lol…thou it’s 15 degree cold and wet soggy day…

and i have Easiyo homemade vanilla ice-cream ready to satisfy the crave =P




  1. get well soon lillian! =)

  2. Thanks, Eugene. i am much better today =)

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