Posted by: iamlillian | April 25, 2009


11:30pm wide awake now and thought i might jot down my thoughts while still fresh in mind. Been sleeping whole afternoon throughout evening until my housemates returned from ocf.


Friday 06:10am

woke up to a cold and rainy day, had a cup of warm milo before starting to fast from 7am; took 2 panadol for my ‘cold’. One nostril was blocked..and a bit of sore throat started yesterday.

The question came to my mind “Can i still go ahead to have my wisdom teeth out under sedation?” one of the questions “do u currently have a cold/flu…?” asked in the pre-op aneasthetic checklist, which i circled ‘no’ . hmm…also, “What happened, how come i get these ‘cold’ symptoms…since i have had my flu vaccination 2 weeks ago?”  i wondered.

anyway…i was hoping it wont get too bad to affect the op.

thoughtful Jan prayed for me just before she left for work. Thoughtful friends smsed me, bringing comfort to my heart.

Thank God for the rain stopped for while as we left our house this morning.

took a free connector to the city. Met Wendy for discipleship at state library before being picked up by bro at 11:45am to the dental clinic in North Adelaide. Thank God we found a car-park right in front of the clinic. It was pouring.

settled payment prior op; my stomach was growling =P ; mucus was building up in the blocked nostril; quickly went to the toilet to blow my nose; soon after my name was called.

Wasn’t too nervous at all, knowing that God is with me and that i’m in good hands.

All i can recall was the insertion of the  intravenous line on my left hand (the anaethetist tried on the right one but didnt get it) and as soon as the midazolam was administered, my vision went blurry and… …completely knocked out on the dental chair.

could not remember anything, except hearing the dentist talking at one stage.

woke up somehow when it’s all done and the nurse accompanied me to the recovery room. Sat in the chair with my feet elevated, pulse oximetry attache to my finger, blood pressure cuff on my right arm. Could not keep my eyes open. Sleep for a while.

left the clinic soon after i felt a bit more awake.

Whitebro and nurse helped me to the car…reached home, the nurse from clinic rang my bro, said i left my glasses there. hmm…did not realize i walked down the stairs and out with them.  Poor bro went back in the rain. Mel was at home.

here are my four wisdom teeth.


half of my face was completely numb..from my eyes down…it slowly subsided…the numbness on my lips was the last to go….glad there’s no more numbness now!~ It was so hard to drink and swallow tablets when the lips were numb. Could not keep the lips sealed. heh…so, the water went straight out through the opened lips.
but i had to take the panadeine forte…the pain was starting to kick in. The unpleasant throbbing pain and a sense of nauseaness…

had to spit out blood-stained saliva every now and then…been swallowing bloods, that explains why i felt nauseous.

biting down on gauzes to put pressure on the sockets…was a bit painful putting them in as i could not open my mouth wide enough.

ice-packs are really good stuff. bro wrapped them in tea towel and tied to my head. ahhh…they helped to sooth the swelling.


was lying on the couch since back from clinic, with a tissue paper box and ice-packs handy. Slept most of the time. watched ‘The simpsons’ at 6pm…lol…that was went the pain started to kick in and forced me to wake up.

by night, the swelling reduced a lot. and i can open my mouth wider and finally can talk! yea! i can feel the dissolvable sutures on the gums…pushing against them gently with my tongue.


12:57am..time for the next dose of antibiotic and bed again. but tonight got to sleep with the head slightly elevated.

Hope tomorrow will be a fine day resting at home.


throughout this whole day, i feel the peace in my heart, knowing that i am being prayed for & taken care of.

Thank you, bro for driving & accompanying me today.

Thank you, friends, for your prayers and concerns. Much appreciated.


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