Posted by: iamlillian | May 13, 2009

Pottery Class 1

Few weeks ago, i decided to sign up for a 5-weeks ‘Pottery for Beginners’ class at WEA, Angas St.

  • The Workers’ Educational Association of South Australia Incorporated, founded in 1913, is Australia’s largest non-government adult community education organisation.
  • The WEA provides learning opportunities for anyone aged 15 years or older. There are generally no pre-requisites for courses and no assessment or exams.
  • The WEA operates as an innovative, flexible provider of moderately priced adult education services.

Last evening was the first session. As i walked into the building, i could hear people singing. ‘lalaLaLA…’  I found the Music Room.


I saw people sitting in front of computers, in a computer training room. I peaked through the little window on the door, and saw women having dancing lessons.

so many classes going on, from oil painting to learning a language. Many adults are there for classes after their day of work. Be it a singing lesson, or dancing on the dance floor, it must be a good therapeutic way of relaxing and unwinding.

as for me, this is a great opportunity to get my hands muddy again and create stuff ! =P

Playing with the clay is fun and good way to de-stress and relax. You can create anything you like with the tip of your fingers. The good thing is that you can always start again if you’re unhappy with the end result.

i havent had the opportunity to do pottery since 2005 with my sister in the uni art studio. Sadly the studio had to close down then.

still have some of the pottery with me today. My favourite is the little saucer i made and painted.

Resize of IMG_1808

art inspired by Jimmy Spa


My pottery class was from 7-10pm. 16 of us.

Our tutor, Mary Wauchope  is an independent artist who studied in Italy at the Florence Academy of Art in life drawing and sculpture.

Mary Wauchope

Her work has predominantly consisted of ceramics and sculpture but in the last few years has moved towards painting on canvas. Mary has taught privately and at WEA adult education for the last 10 years.

We learned about the types of clay, ceramic terms, and ceramic forming techniques.

this technique is called ‘coiling’. First roll out clay ‘sausages’ and then coil them around the base, slowly layer by layer building up the wall of the pot.



my pots. Right: Hand molded.

Left: pot made using coiling technique.


IMG_3461 works of fellow classmates. bunch of creative people.


looking forward to next Tuesday. I guess we’ll be painting out pots then. =)



  1. i like ur little saucer! hehe very nice 🙂 ur pot looks cute. hv fun painting it soon!! ;>

  2. Hi Mei,

    thanks 🙂 tmr 3rd lesson. i think we’ll be painting on the 4th lesson. i am getting more ideas lately. wee…

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