Posted by: iamlillian | June 17, 2009

fun with polaroid

was browsing websites/blogs and stumble upon this blog on fashion and style by a young graphic artistl from QLD.

blog: Flair to Remember

scrolling down the page, i spotted this entry:

Tutorial:  turn your digital photos into polaroids

PoladroidDOWNLOAD : Poladroid (click )

Paul Ladroid

He was born instantly, in front of the amazed eyes of his parents. His baby face was very strange, but they loved him like that.

A very young person, he showed that he had marvellous capacities for capturing expressions of his friends and family and reproducing them immediatly.

Since these days, Paul has found his vocation.

He has developed especially for you an incredible software : POLADROID. With it, do like him : let’s look at the world other than another angle, another vision. Welcome in the POLADROID world !
Be Poladroid !

Enjoy !

adapted from

So, i downloaded the program yesterday and spent hours experimenting photos. It was so much fun and inspirational.

here’s an example of turning photos into polaroids

from thisscooter to this



and this is my favourite


saw this mini car parked right in front of my place as i returned home from hospital after night duty. =)

vintage car

with polaroid effect


hudsons coffee + The Dog

the beauty of polaroid!



made this flim-strip for the new look…


if you are curious about polaroid come about like me, check this out…

for more end results of photos to Polaroids, check out my Flickr.


signing off,

diving into creativity again….


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