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My Melbourne

contributed by Beth, 20 June 2007

My Melbourne – the Australian Capital City that makes my heart soar every time I am heading back home for a long overdue rendevouz.

Such a beautiful tapestry of talent from Art to Music, beautiful gardens to the funkiest of cafes. Such style and elegance has her landscape of structures that one feels like they have been on a journey throughout time after spending only one day basking in her magnificent glory. Romantic, tucked away lanes which come to life bearing indulgences a plenty from gorgeous boutiques and bars. Eateries of all desires to satisfy and inspire enven the most seasoned of pallets. There is no other City so enchanting and graceful. That’s My Melbourne.

Mission 2: 24 hours-Enchanting Melbourne

contributed by roentarre, 5 November 2007

Melbourne. A word that signifies classic, yet elegant and sophisticated city. Its architecture reigns the essence of european history with innovation of post modern ideal. Cultured people fill the street. Aroma of coffee fill the air. Full of energy and vibrant atmosphere.

A town that is on the move. The city combines of the tradition and the new. Vivid south bank and the Flinders st landmark. The most livable city in the world!

Melbourne. You would never leave once you stay here for more than 24 hours!

Search Results:‘Art & Design ‘

contributed by Leonard, 20 October 2008

One of the great things about Melbourne is that great art pops up where you least expect it.
A recent trip for breakfast in Martin St Brighton led me to the work of Melbourne artist Fiona Raulli.

contributed by adela, 6 October 2008

Who would have thought that on the corner of Collins Street and Queen Street, right in the finnancial centre of Melbourne City is a group of buildings known as ‘The Gothic Collection’.

contributed by Kathleen Barbour, 29 September 2008

To wander around the Ian Potter centre was the highlight of our trip. The art here gave us a real sense of the history and people of Australia. Art is my thing and the collections here are a pure visu…

contributed by Ben Tibbs, 14 September 2008

It is only open during opening hours of the National Gallery but has a nice indoor/outdoor arrangement and the menu and wine list is very good. Taking in the Art Deco Exhibition that is on at the mome…

contributed by b, 29 August 2008

My art experience in the city… Well as a group we walked into art. We went to graffitied alleyways like Union lane and Hoisier lane. Union lane is a lane way which is part of a street art project….

It's Easy to Lose Yourself in Melbourne

can’t wait…


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