Posted by: iamlillian | July 16, 2009

1st week in ortho

So the day came. Saying goodbye to ENT ward and hello to ORTHO & Trauma Services.

first week in ortho – over and done with…

Day 1 (Monday) -Supernumery:

tagged along another RN9 and PNA, just being an extra pair of hands. Met the Clinical Service Consultant Nurse (CSC) who showed me around the ward. Was given a booklet to read and complete. (in my head i went “Not again! another book to fill” =P coz i haven’t complete the tracheostomy booklet which is overdue now =P )

anyway…it’s good resource thou…get to revise on the orthopedic terminology, nursing assessment, nursing care for ortho patients, fractures, mobility, traction, etc….

Day 2 (thrown into the deep pan) – taking patient load. 4 patients i was allocated to. One of them was a 103y.o lady!! Amazing!

She had a fractured (#) Neck of Femur (NOF) and had operation last week.

She is just simply amazing! Still very much ‘alert and orientated’ at her age. For example, she has no problem with her hearing at all. She is just so amazing! Felt honoured to look after her.

Day 3- buddied up with another RN. We had 8 patients. Was really busy, i guess it’s usual in ortho (or any other ward) as most actions happened.

Challenges -getting patients with bone fractures – post operations to get up/out of bed – can be a real challenge.

Patients risk falling again; nurses risk injuring themselves (no wonder many ortho nurses get work cover due to work-related injuries)

So, i would say…Mobility for ortho patients is the biggest challenge for me. By saying that means getting physically involved with moving the patients. Transferring from bed to chair to bed…from sitting to standing to sitting again and lying down in bed…followed by lifting patient who slided down in bed, up the bed again…so you see, it’s all physical. And usually these are frail elderly patients who have osteoarthritis + other medical conditions that complicate the whole process of mobilization.

– – – – –

hmmm…did i sound like i was whinging? oh well…

i know what i really need now…

a good shoulder massage! ๐Ÿ™‚

– – – – –

Day 4 – (Late shift) 1-930pm. They sent me relieving another ortho ward, round the corner. 4 patients. 2 discharged. A reasonably good evening. Managed to go home earlier.

– – – – –

3 days off. yay! weekend OFF – well, not really…there’re plans ahead.

Some sister-brother time together tomorrow – Going to take my brother out for a drive ๐Ÿ™‚ and Praise God that forecast showed that tomorrow’s wheather will be fine and sunny! ๐Ÿ™‚

Saturday – will be attending a whole day special program. ๐Ÿ™‚ will share more.

_ _ _ _



  1. Hey so now you’re in the new ward as me! I’m so busy everyday! having to shower nearly evey patients everyday I just feel so exhausted! I understand it’s challenging to get patients up and out of bed. I feel too every tired after transferring heavy patients! I’m like OH MY GODSH…. it’s like a big operation I’m telling you!

    These days my niece and Liness’ ma& and sister are in the house. So the hosue is pretty much very noisy right now^^

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