Posted by: iamlillian | July 24, 2009

farnie toddlers

Last few days, my housemates showed me a very ‘farnie’ youtube of a toddler looking frantic screaming ‘Bloood-duhh’ while the dad was videoing and finding it hilarious. =P

So ‘farnie’ la…

talking about toddlers, this reminded me of the toddlers of my cousin.

This was little Zach when i visited Auckland back in 2006

He was so cheeky.



Below: and now he’s grown so much!

Below: This is Zach’s little brother

and he is so cute too!

i’m just being random. =P

my shoulders are still a little sore after another week of work in orthopedic ward. Applying a warm wheatbag over my shoulders.

‘Ahhhhh…’ (relieving Ahhhh)

last Friday, 2 lovely friends gave me a shoulder massage. Felt so blessed to have my need met. =P

God sends his ‘angels’ into our lives to bless us in so many little ways. This was one of them.


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