Posted by: iamlillian | August 10, 2009

little joys


Cloudy day…Thanking God for the light shower, and sunshine after rain.


lovely flowers from Aunty M when i went to her house this afternoon to take her to airport. Aunty M is just so wonderfully loving and caring. She spoke of Jesus’ love and the Blessings from God, she gave thanks from the bottom of her heart. She’s our role model. To be in an intimate relationship with Jesus.


been baking… vanilla butter cupcake with choc cream cheese frosting.



baked with love

Baked a birthday cake for a new friend that came to our discovery group last friday. We went over to her student apartment to surprise her with the cake. We were standing at her balcony gazing into the night sky of Adelaide, the beautiful breath taking city view. Just so refreshing.

Thank You, Lord, for your unconditional love for us, so that we too, can love our neighbours as ourselves.


am listening to Spring Harvest ‘Our God Reigns’ CD…there’s this song called ‘Thank You’ written by Danny Cope. It speaks the content of my heart now.

went to google this song for the lyrics and found his website to be pretty cool. go check it out at

Song: ‘Thank You’ by Danny Cope

part of the lyrics – “Thank You for the blessings, You keep pouring on me, Thank you for Your graciousness and unrelenting faithfulness, Thank You for making me.”


Another great song we sang in OCF last Friday was ‘Your Grace is Enough’ by Matt Maher.

Yes, Thank You, Lord for Your Grace is sufficient for each of us. You carry us from strength to strength.


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