Posted by: iamlillian | August 12, 2009

Why NOT to blow your nose

spent the day sitting in a small tutorial room with my peer group in the staff development building for the 3rd Study Day for graduated nurses. As like the previous 2, today we covered many things and a good opportunity to catch up with others and listen to the debriefs from various departments they are working in.

All in all, it’s been an interesting day… refreshing our knowledge on wound dressings, blood results, respiratory difficulties, tracheostomies, chest tube/underwater sealed drain (UWSD) & pneumothorax, and diabetes management.

our support nurse prepared a powerpoint presentation on chest tube/UWSD, and he showed us this amusing youtube ‘Why NOT to blow your nose’ to start off the session……  =P

apparently, a young man who ended up in hospital after blowing his nose…too hard, i guess. having a read on the comments was quite amusing too.

he also showed us youtubes on insertion & removal of chest tubes…and photos of nasty chest injuries which patients had chest tubes in.

hmmm…since when youtube became so much part of a teaching tool! haha…

nowadays, people are posting all sorts of videos on youtube!!

On the ‘Why Not to blow your nose’ youtube page, scrolling down the ‘Related Videos’ was like…wooo…there are so many similar videos relating to the Pneumothorax topic!


All the support nurses are very supportive…obviously! and knowledgable…and understanding. =)

The other support nurse even gave us ‘snakes’ lollies as she started on her Diabetic management session! It was 2:00pm…so she thought perhaps we need a little sugar kick to last us through the next hour or so.


sewing class #2 coming up! in the next 11 hours or so…  =)


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