Posted by: iamlillian | August 13, 2009

sew & scrapbook

Sewing lesson for beginners #2

IMG_1217The materials for making my own skirt.

IMG_1214laying the skirt pattern on my fabric.

i really enjoyed the lesson this morning. Tutor demonstrated and explained the steps thoroughly to us. She’s always there to help whenever we got stuck. It can be tricky and challenging, but an experienced sewing expert like our tutor was there to the rescue! =)

The idea of making my own garment is just so intriguing…

hopefully i’ll be able to complete the sewing project by 3 weeks.

sadly i’ll be away next week and miss the 3rd lesson. anyway…


i couldn’t really remember if i ever made a scrapbook page…

Yes, i’ve seen many scrapbooks, bought the scrapbooking materials and even subscribed to scrapbooks at one stage…

but never really got to do it. The furthest i got was to develop the photos for scrapbook and bought the cardboard materials for the layout.

ongoing procrastinations and delaying the projects i planned since then…until…

Mel’s graduation recently and Janice’s idea of making some keepsake gift for Mel. Janice edited the photos and we got them developed.

It’s been almost 2 weeks after her graduation, so really we don’t wish to delay this further. oh yeaa…risk of another abandoned unfinished work…would be largely my fault =P

so, i gotta be firm with this and set myself deadline for this urgent delivery.

and this is what we had put together as a gift for Mel’s graduation.

IMG_1219Mel was overjoyed =)

Praise God also for her 1st day at work today!!


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